Russian Women Scams

Russian women scams - there's so many of them these days! We hear about new cases all the time - there just seem to be so many dirty trick around!

Looking for love in Russia, but worried about all the fraud? I've prepared this nice little page that'll answer your questions about dating Russian women - and not being stripped of your money.

To summarize what's written below - don't worry, be reasonable and persistent - and you'll do great.

...just don't forget to buy her a nice wedding ring 😉

Do all Russian women do that?

No, not at all! In fact, scammers are only a tiny portion of Russian women - and they aren't necessarily women. Heck, they may not even be Russian - some of them sit in Europe and US, stealing photos and creating fake identities.

In fact, you may be exchanging love letters with a guy from Texas who fools you with pictures of Russian movie stars!

Normal Moscow women never engage in Russian women scams. In fact, they condemn them because scammers create negative image of our ladies throughout the world.

These days, it's not uncommon to meet a foreigner who thinks Russian girls aren't really looking for love but just want someone to rob. Don't fall for that! Most of our women are honest, and they suffer heavily from a bunch of ugly online crooks who earn their living with Russian women scams.

If so, then why so many scammers come from Russia?

There aren't that many scammers in Russia. First of all, they may live pretty much anywhere. It's not that hard to pretend to be a silly Moscow girl looking for love. You can do it from Illinois, Brussels and even Maldives - the only thing you need for Russian women scams is a laptop and couple of stolen photos.

Second, they are very active. One scammer can pose as dozens of girls, sending mails to every possible victim. Yes, that's a lot of effort, but hey - most of them are working fulltime! Russian women scams are their business, that's what they do - and they've grown quite good at it!

They work long hours composing emails, chatting with people, looking out for someone to fool - no wonder they create an impression that the Internet is full of greedy and lustful Russian gold-diggers.

The third reason is foreigners themselves. I'm not talking about you, of course, but think about it - how many men from your country came to Russia looking for Russian brides?

I'd bet many of them were just buying a beautiful and obedient sex doll in exchange for their passport.

Wouldn't you agree there were thousands of losers looking for their last chance in the former U.S.S.R, knowing the only good thing about them was their citizenship?

Anyways, this tsunami of people looking for "easy ride" was one of the reasons to rise of the scammers. Men who refused to be realistic were an ideal target - and they were attacked heavily with Russian women scams.

To be honest, I don't feel pity for most of them. I only feel bad for the honest ones - those who truly wanted to be loved and got hurt along the way.

Sorry for being harsh. I'm not saying that everyone looking for love in Moscow is like that - but there are still plenty of such men. Don't make their mistakes. Keep it real, look hard - and no scammer will be a threat to you. Ever.

What kinds of scammers are there?

I'd say you can separate Russian women scams into 3 main categories, based on how far they are willing to go.

The first type of swindlers is "Internet-only" - the least dangerous one. They aren't looking to meet you in person - all they need is to squeeze as much money out of you as possible - and then hit the road. The reasons they'll be asking for money are different, but most probably it'll be:

  • Tickets and visas to get to you
  • Accommodation in Moscow before the flight
  • Helping out her poor-poor parents
  • Paying for her education before she can marry you
  • Paying for her medical treatment
  • Paying for her phone bills
  • Lending her money for some project - and of course, she will pay you back...

...etc, etc, but you get the idea. Of course, everything's done through the Net. Once you try to actually meet that woman - it all stops. That's a great way to check if she's true, by the way, but that may not chase off a more experienced "dating" type of scammers.

The "dating" Russian women scams is the second echelon - and a more serious threat. Their goal is not your online checks - but your offline presence. These ladies want to lure you to their place and try to get as much out of you as they possibly can.

How do they do that? Easy. She sounds so loving and warm on the phone, she's dying to see you in person, and there you are, with flowers and champagne, knocking at her door. She's so happy to see you, you live a couple of wonderful days together - and then the bad part begins.

Turns out she stops being happy if you don't buy her expensive jewelry and clothing every day, she's constantly asking for money and refuses being intimate unless she gets a good amount regularly - and it grows worse all the time.

It takes quite a nerve to break this circle, so don't blame yourself if you lost some money. Once you realized you're involved in Russian women scam - stop being nice and start looking for the soonest flight home.

It won't be easy, especially once she realizes her spell was broken. Don't pay attention. Move away from her place if you have to, but don't even think about buying her anything.

She will probably do everything to make you feel bad about yourself, she'll tell you how greedy you are. If you hear that kind of talk - rest assured you're doing the right thing by leaving her. She's no use - all she cares about is your wallet.

Be careful. Sometimes such ladies are connected to the organized crime. If you see she has suspicious friends or "relatives", be extremely careful about how you leave her.

In any case, try to catch her by surprise but don't tell her what it's really all about. It's safer that way. Make something up - tell her you have emergency at home, promise to write, kiss her on the cheek, and away you go.

...just don't forget something good at her place - you surely won't be going back to pick it up!

Having said that, this brings us to the most dangerous scammer type of all - the "wedding scammer" e.g.the "gold digger". They are the hardest ones to recognize - and will bring a huge deal of misfortune upon you if you fall for their dirty tricks.

This kind of Russian women scams aren't about short term profit. She'll tell you she loves you - and will indeed behave as if her feeling is real, being as kind and "genuine" as she probably could.

She won't be interested in your money and gifts, and you may feel you have finally found a decent, loving bride. Alas, life is not always what it seems...

This women's goal is citizenship and your bank account. Why settle for a couple of thousand dollars, when she could have it all?

What she actually plans to do is marry you ASAP, move abroad, get all the paperwork done - and then hit you on the head with a painful divorce process.

And she doesn't need just a divorce. If she divorces you - she'll lose her visa, and that's not what she has in mind.

The only way for such Russian women scams to work is to accuse you of domestic violence - and that's when all hell breaks loose. You'll be arrested and brought to court in no time - no matter how unrealistic the accusations might be.

Mind that under current laws (especially US), men can't do much to protect themselves. The courts almost always take the side of the "victim", and unless you have a set of hidden cameras in your house - you won't prove anything.

Why cameras? Because these women know very well they need *some* proof, and often they just set things up, like turning the house upside down, getting a couple of bruises - and then calling 911.

Remember that scene from "The Fight Club", where Jack beat himself up just to make his boss pay? Well, that's more or less the case. If she sets you up (and she will), she'll get:

  • Most of your money - if not everything. Often she will take the valuables out of your place before she presses the charges, knowing very well she won't get prosecuted
  • Large part of your property
  • Simplified green-card acquisition procedure
  • Lawyers, employment and other assistance from the state - all at expense of taxpayers cash.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying men are always innocent. Of course not - there are many cases when the violence did take place, and in that case the woman absolutely *must* look for help.

The sad irony is that honest women are always too insecure to turn to law enforcement while scammers know very well what to do - and use the law to their advantage.

What are my chances to run into one of Russian women scams?

I wouldn't risk it if I were you. Losing couple of hundred bucks is the lesser evil - you may get involved into really bad stuff, lose your belongings and even face a jail sentence.

Sure, your chances of stumbling upon serious Russian women scams are low, but if you don't take matters seriously and avoid suspicious people - you may just get "lucky".

Keep in mind that much depends on your age, sex and social status. If you're a teenager with no possessions - you are not of much interest to the crooks. There's nothing to take from you, and your chances of passing out, leaving the heritage to your wife are next to none.

However, it doesn't make you 100% secure. Don't forget that some Russian women scams may be aiming at your rich parents - if you have any. Plus, they may lure you to Russia just to rob you of whatever cash and things you have on you - some of the "offline dating" Russian women scams can get very dirty, you know.

It all changes if you're a retired, wealthy, single male looking for love on the plains of the former USSR. Your chances skyrocket - and you must exercise extreme caution not to become a victim.

Your age, your status and your money make you an ideal target for Russian women scams - so watch out for sleazy young girls writing you tons of emails!

How do I recognize Russian women scams?

OK, so here's a one-million dollar question - how do you tell good girls from Russian women scams? The most common answer is - you can't. After all, you can't really see who's sitting on the other side - a pretty girl or a bearded "monster".

Suppose you hired a private detective. You instructed him to check the person you're communicating with - so what? Unless he does a really expensive, thorough background check - he won't help you much.

The only case he will do you any good is when the person that's on the photo is not actually the one who lives at the given address.

But what if the girl's real? Does it mean she's honest? Sure it doesn't! So what do you do?

Well, as one well-known man once put it "you shall know them by their fruits". Want to know the secret that'll protect you from most of Russian women scams and save lots of time and money? Get real!

Too often we don't want to face the truth. We know something's wrong - but we prefer to believe it's OK. We know that when a young, sexy girl falls in love with us after only a couple of emails - it's too good to be true, but our male ego wants us to think otherwise.

Come on! Why should an attractive-looking woman fall in love with someone she barely knows? Why would she write you first (and that's what happens most of the time)? What's she doing on the dating website, for God's sake? Hasn't she got enough "offline" men to go out with?

Not a chance such sex-bomb could be *that* desperate!

As a rule of thumb, if she...

  • Contacts you first - especially shortly after you've registered.
  • Quickly starts claiming she has feelings for you without knowing you very well
  • Asks lots of personal questions - like where you live and how much you earn
  • Is vague and/or inconsistent about herself
  • Sends you provocative or nude pictures
  • Begs for money - for any possible reason
  • Wants to marry you all of a sudden
  • Is dying to spend a romantic vacation together at your expense, of course
  • Uses expensive accessories - often contradictive to her level of income
  • Has children from previous marriages
  • Has model-like, glamorous looks
  • Sends typical letters that look like templates
  • Being "too good to be true"

...then she's probably a scammer. End of story.

Be real and think. Always think. That's the single best advice I could give you about protecting yourself from Russian women scams, swindlers and all kinds of dishonest people.

Shouldn't you have some list of scammers?

Many sites do keep the lists of people caught on dishonest activities in the Net. Although it's generally a good idea, I think it's not that applicable in Cyberspace, and here's why.

  • Constant change. The scammers constantly change and update their profiles. New names, new emails, new photos - you can't possibly track them all.
  • Stolen identities. Swindlers often use stolen identities. Putting the girl's photo on your scammers list can be dangerous - you may harm an innocent person.
  • Can't foresee everything. New Russian women scams are invented daily, so even if you had a single scammers database - there's no guarantee someone won't trick you using the new methods. Instead of gathering tons of useless data, it's better to rely upon general principles such as keeping it real.

How do I protect myself from Russian women scams?

Protecting yourself from Russian women scams isn't that hard. If the deal sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

Real, good looking, honest girls already have enough men around them. They rarely use the Internet to find someone for romance, plus most of them are aware the Net's full of bad stuff.

In addition, they usually don't want to engage in virtual relationships because they know how hard it can be to love someone who is just isn't here.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you can't find anyone decent online - but you'll have to work hard for that. "Easy marriage" is like "free money" - there's simply no such thing.

Get ready to prowl lots of sites, look through dozens of applications and get annoyed by Russian women scams. That's life. You want something good - you have to work hard for that. Works everywhere!

OK, enough grunting :) Let's get practical. What do you actually do when you encounter a scammer?

Depends on the situation. If you're just mailing each other on the Net, the best thing you can do is just cut any communications with that person. You could let her know you think she's a scammer, and watch the reaction.

Generally, she'll stop writing at once, but even if she doesn't - disregard her. Delete her letters without reading. In addition, you could contact the site's administration and ask to remove her profile.

If she lured you to her place and is now draining your wallet, you should start arranging a return ticket at once. Try to cut the expenses as much as you can, ideally move out of her place. Be careful though - if that's her business, she might have some criminal "friends" around.

I think it's best to come up with a reason why you have to leave urgently. Tell her your boss has cancelled your vacation, or that your cat is ill. Promise you'll get back soon, say whatever you wish - as long as she isn't suspicious, you're golden!

You don't owe her anything, so be creative. Buy tickets, pack your things, jump on the plane - and make sure you'll never get back. Don't feel bad about it. People who act always make mistakes - only a totally passive person can be flawless!

But what to do if you've married a woman and now strongly suspect she's one of "gold-digger" Russian women scams? Here's some advice.

  • First of all, contact your lawyer and see if you can divorce her quickly.
  • A marital agreement might come in handy. She can still accuse you of domestic violence, but it'll be harder for her to get to your cash.
  • I'd seriously suggest installing hidden surveillance cameras around the house. They don't cost that much - and may render you a good service when she'll try to fake the evidence.
  • Watch her behavior. Ask your friends what they think about her. See if she's being telling bad stuff about you, like that you drink a lot.

    It may be a part of her strategy of ruining your image prior to the court. Did she grow cold and distant all of a sudden? Does she show disrespect to your friends and relatives? In short - actions speak better than words.

  • Try to figure out what she's talking about by phone. If you're suspicious, try to record her conversations and ask a Russian to translate them. Simple - but may prove very efficient, because she may feel secure while talking Russian and not be afraid to tell bad things about you.
  • Try to find out whom she's in touch with. If she doesn't let you see her emails and phone logs - that's a very bad sign. She can as well be dating someone behind your back!

Simple, right? Well, you wouldn't believe how many people don't follow these guidelines. In general, however, it's always better to avoid such situations than to deal with them.

What if she's true and really needs money?

Why would she need it? Why would a decent girl ask a man she barely knows to send her money? It just doesn't make any sense! She'll be looking anywhere else but the Internet, because, first of all it's shameful and second - she will feel obliged.

Unless she's really desperate - which is a rare occasion, she would never do this. And even if she's desperate - it's a bad idea to engage into relations with her.

If you feel sorry for her and sure it's not a trick - just donate her some money, and continue looking. Otherwise you'll never be sure she truly loves you and not just lives with you out of need or gratitude.

She really likes you and wants to visit? Well, a single young woman doesn't stand a chance against US or EU immigration authorities. The probability of her getting a visa is negligent, and it will at best be a waste of money.

Plus, don't forget it's impossible to get a visa to US through an agency - everything has to be done in person. If someone says he can make her US visa for a certain amount - warn her it's a trick.

Does so many scam mean I don't stand the chance?

You do stand a chance. It's just that the Internet is a very low-yield tool, so it'll take you a lot of work and persistence. But - it doesn't mean you should feel discouraged by Russian women scams!

If there's any other way for you to date Moscow girls - it'll probably be better. Ideally you should live in Moscow, and then the opportunities will present themselves. However, if you're a 100% foreigner living thousands of miles away - then the Internet is your only hope of meeting a Russian woman.

Look at the bright side - without the Net, you wouldn't stand a chance. You'd have to go all the way to Moscow without even being sure you'll meet someone. Too risky, too costly. Today, however, you can find a Russian girl of your dreams without leaving your place.

I mean, you will have to visit Russia eventually - but at least you'll be sure you won't be just wasting time there.

So what are we waiting for? Roll up your sleeves, fire up the cable modem - and get to business! Don't be afraid of Russian women scams - you know enough to avoid them easily.

Good luck - and remember, I'm always here! 😉

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