How to Get Russian Visa

Howdy, traveler! Need help with Russian visa? You've come to the right place!

It's not hard to get if you play it right. That Russian embassy only looks tough, you know. Do your homework, and it will fall like a card house.

I guarantee!

There're several types of visas on the menu, choose one that suits you best.

Russian travel visa lets you stay in the country for up to 30 days.

Seems like a lot, but there's so much to see... Heck, you could spend all this time in Moscow alone and still not enjoy everything!

The visa isn't that hard to get, all you need is your passport, application form, couple of photos and an official confirmation from the travel company.

Not complicated, really. If you want to learn more - visit my Russian Travel Visa page. I challenge thee!

Serious businessman like me? Don't have time to waste on tourism? Who needs those Moscow sights anyway! Let's get things done!

Before you start packing, make sure you have a Russian business visa glued nicely to your passport. It's slightly harder to get, and somebody's probably doing it for you already. Anyways, I think you should still look at the Russian business visa page. You never know where it may come in handy!

There's also a Russian private/home stay visa. Get it if you're visiting your friends or relatives. The procedure's pretty much the same, but they'll need to send you a special invitation from OVIR.Just mention this magic word, and they'll know where to begin.

If the process seems to hard for you, consider purchasing visa support to Russia. It doesn't cost much and will help you avoid most of the bureacracy.

Oh, and don't forget to register your visa with the Moscow police. Your hotel will do the trick, but ask them anyways.

...and when the formalities are over - the Moscow is all yours!

P.S. If you're also planning to visit China - here's a nice link about getting Chinese Visa

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