Russian Chocolate Sweets

Russian chocolate is among the best ones in the world! Surprised? I'd bet you do! Thought we are only good in guns and ballistic missiles? Think again! :)

There's a whole chocolate tradition in Russia that's totally different from the rest of the world. Russian sweets evolved in their own way, and there's a whole new breed of them these days.

Think about bringing Russian gifts to your friends and loved ones? Don't buy silly things they'll put on the shelf and forget about. Instead, buy'em delicious Russian desserts. I can bet they've never eaten anything like that before!

Russian chocolate factory Red October

This is where it all begins...
(by Andrew Currie)

Russian chocolate sweets are truly unique. They are neither "Eastern" nor "Western", and they aren't a mix of those.

What do we see in Turkey or Arab countries? Piles of Turkish delight, halva and gozinaki served with loads of sugar and honey. Way too sweet - no better way to gain weight and tooth decay!

What about US and Europe? Chocolate bars, gums, stick jaws, and gummies. With all due respect - not very healthy! And of course, there are also very tasty Belgian, German and Swiss chocolate sweets.

But what do we have in Russia? Apart from tasty chocolate bars ("Alenka" is my favorite), we have many-many candies, with waffles, nuts, jam, paste and dozens of stuffings you couldn't even imagine. Yummie!

Russian chocolate sweets

Here, have some Russian chocolate sweets!

The best sweets are made in "Babaevskiy" and "Red October" factories, so look for their logos on the wrapping. Plus, I'd recommend "Comme il faut" and "Korkunov" candies. They are less traditional, but not less sweet!

Don't buy chocolate of less-known brands, especially cheap ones. It would be a shame to ruin your impression because of low-quality makers!

Russian chocolate sweets are sold in confectionary shops by weight. That's great, because you can take a little of every kind to try and decide.

Ahh, the sweet memories! Every Soviet kid dreamt about New Year Eve because in the morning, the package of sweets would await for him right under the Christmas tree. And of course, I was no exclusion!

Russian chocolate bar Alenka

The legendary "Alenka"...

Buy some desserts as well, including delicious "Charmel" marshmallows and paste, many kinds of marmalade, "Tulskiy" gingerbreads (oohhhh....),cranberry in sugar (focus, Anton, focus!!!), and fruit-filled caramels (great for tea!).

Russian chocolate comme il faut

Definitely try "Comme-il-faut"!

Good sweets are made from natural products, such as jams, milk and fruits, without flavor enhancers, food dyes and anything of that kind. Definitely better than gummies!

That was really hard to write this page for a sweet-tooth like me. The only thing keeping me from devouring couple of kilos of chocolate is my unimaginable willpower. You should really appreciate my effort...

...and visit the other pages :)

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