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Welcome to Moscow Russia facts! This page is all about handy little tips you'll need right after you step off the plane.

I guess you know the general stuff by now, but some things were surely left behind.

Don't panic - I'm an insider, remember? After you read my hints - you won't have to worry anymore...

...better focus on enjoying the trip!

I'm looking for:

How to exchange cash

Taxi guidelines



Buying supplies


Money makes the world go round, the world go round, the world go round...Remember that song? Well I'm not sure about the world, but it surely makes your trip tick!

Let's talk about essential Moscow Russia facts you really should know when it comes to your hard-earned cash.

1) Take some with you.

Don't fly with your credit card only. The ATM's can go offline (unlikely, but possible), and then you're in trouble. You don't have to come with a fortune in your wallet, but having around 300 USD is a really good idea.

Here's the thing - credit cards aren't that widespread in Russia. If you don't bring cash - you won't even pay for a taxi to your hotel. Not good.

By the way - Russian airlines aren't that good with cards, either. Something on the duty-free cart you like? Banknotes only!

Moscow bank

Change your money in one of Moscow banks
(by Obakeneko)

2) Get rubles ASAP.

There're two ways to do this - withdraw from ATM (which I think is the best one), or exchange the money you brought (see paragraph 1). If the ATMs don't feel well - get to the exchange booth and do your thing.

In any case you should end up with 5-6 thousand rubles. Avoid exchanging or withdrawing too much - having lots of cash with you isn't really safe (just like anywhere).

Once you've made it to the city, I think you should know this:

3) Don't walk around with empty wallet.

The situation with cards has been improving, but there are far too many places that live in the past. It really sucks when you don't have enough to pay, and the nearest ATM is a couple of miles away!

Always have several thousand rubles in your pocket, just in case. Again - don't carry too much!

4) Choose exchange booth carefully.

You'll probably have to exchange sooner or later - no way to avoid that. Mind where you do this, though - there are countless way to rip you off.

Moscow Russia facts. Pile of rubles by waltie at

A handful of rubles...
(by waltie)

If someone you trust advises you a good place to change - go for it. Muscovites are well-experienced, they can tell the difference.

I strongly recommend to change in banks. Their rates are lower, but at least they don't cheat. It's better to lose some money there than a lot on the street!

Don't worry. All you really need is a common sense,which I'm sure you have. Look at me - I still have my money!

...and so will you!

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