Real Alien Sightings in Moscow, Russia

Real alien sightings are not rare these days. Here and there, we stumble upon news of alien and UFO encounters. Guess what - Moscow is no exclusion!

I remember during Perestroika, the press was jam-packed with stories of real alien sightings, ghosts, vampires and every other thing that sci-fi books tell us about.

We didn't know the term "yellow journalism" yet, and believed everything we read. Needless to say, 99% of this stuff was pure nonsense.

Then, after a couple of years, another "wave" hit the press - this time, it was solid scientists who disproved the entire thing, their main argument being "this cannot be because this just cannot be at all".
But how can they be so sure?

Let's face it - I'm biased. I'm not running around the city with a camera, of course, but somehow I find it hard to believe that all of the news about UFO encounters are fake. We can't be alone in the Universe.

There's got to be a way to travel faster than light - and latest wormhole physics prove that. And most important - all those people can't be lunatics or liers (although many of them are).

Did you know that in 70's, USSR actually had diplomatic problems with countries like Norway and Sweden due to increased activity of unidentified submersible objects that entered the fiords and approached military vessels? In fact, the tension grew so high that USSR, tired of disproving the claims, suggested a mutual military operation to put an end to the intrusions!

Needless to say, neither USSR nor any other country could create anything that could move at the speed of several hundred kilometers underwater and submerse deeper than any modern nuclear sub. In 1992, the USSR has fallen apart - but the USO's continued to terrorize the Norwegian waters....

But enough about the sea - Moscow's got no less strange phenomena that happen right these days.

Thanks to widely spread mobile cameras and the Internet, UFO videos and real alien sightings are much easier to capture and share than a decade ago.

Sure, not everything you'll see are real alien sightings. Although I tried to filter out all the "garbage", there's no guarantee that the videos below aren't fake.

However, they look real, they feel real and they were confirmed to be seen by several independent sources. There's nothing more we could verify, so let's just trust our guts!

This one is a crown jewel of my collection. Filmed by a shocked bystander, the footage features a whole fleet of UFOs, passing over one of Moscow's remote neighborhoods. The guy at the tape is really stunned - you can hear he's using explicit language and lots of exclamations. To be honest, I have no explanations of what those things could be.

These are no choppers for sure - to get even one chopper to fly over Moscow, you'll have to get a dozen licenses from military, security service and city authorities - no way you could get a pass for so many flying vehicles. Of course, that could be military helicopters, but again - they don't do that. Not like that, flying straight over the densely populated city.

Another theory is it could be multiple high-altitude thunderballs, formed by a lightning discharge. The problem is they seem too stable - and may I add I've never seen such things during my entire life in Moscow. Who knows, this video could very well be one of real alien sightings!

This one may be my most favorite real alien sightings video! I'm stunned to say the least! Watching the group of magnificent UFOs, slowly and silently passing the skies of a sleeping city, gradually disappearing out of sight...

Do you have any explanations? Because I've run out of them completely!

These can't be the thunderballs - the sky is clear and the thunderballs don't really appear in such quantities. It couldn't be a missile test or an airforce exercise - both thing are strictly prohibited over Moscow.

Couldn't be meteorological balloon - they don't glow at night, the don't keep in such distinct formations, plus they couldn't possibly maintain a permanent speed and direction.

So mystical, so magnificent... what is the mystery behind them? Can it be we're being watched by another race? Or is it just another trick of nature?

This one is taken in Tsaritsyno district, near Kantemirovstakaya metro station - far off to the south of Moscow. First of all, if it's a fake - then I don't know what's true. The operator hasn't done a very good job - the image is shaking, and the camera turns left and right all the time.

But - it lets us see the image wasn't fabricated. It's really hard to compensate for all the random camera movements. Such fake would cost lots of money - and I don't any reason why bother.

Look at their formation - I think it beats even the previous video. It's obviously not random, as they form a clear geometric figure. The UFOs then break it, but again - they are following a clearly artificial, structured patterns.

Had it been fighter jets on patrol (and it's not), they wouldn't form such a figure. At most you'd see them passing in a straight line, and that's pretty much it. One thing's for certain - they don't glow. At most you'd see the red and green navigation lights, and that's it.

Think for yourself - why would a military plane give its position out to every possible spectator? When you're patrolling, you do it quietly - the enemy must not know what hit him.

Plus, there's no way the planes could change their position so smoothly, which brings us back to chopper theory. However, there's no reason on Earth so many helicopters would practice aerobatics right over Russia's most important strategic objects, at night with their lights on. In addition, the altitude seems way to high for anything with a propeller.

We've merely scratched the surface, really. There are dozens of videos, some of which could turn out to be real alien sightings. One thing's for certain - I intend to update the list.

After all, who said Moscow is only about hotels and restaurants?

P. S. Found an interesting real alien sightings video or picture you'd like to share? Why don't you send it to me so I could post it here? The only condition is it must be taken in Moscow or Russia - but heck, if it's really good - I'll post it anyway. After all, UFOs don't care about the borders!