Park Pobedy - a beautiful Victory memorial

If you go to Park Pobedy by metro, the station itself will impress you. It's the deepest one in Moscow!

When you go up by the escalator, get ready to wait!

But don't rush to the exit yet. Look around. The station is very pleasant, polished and shining.It's embellished with beautiful mosaics. They all picture the Great Patriotic War.

Park Pobedy Metro Mosaic. By Bernt Rostad from

Soviet war hero

There are so few people during the day! This gives you the perfect chance to take all the pictures you want.

Walk around a little bit. Take your time. When you finish, step on the escalator.

Walk out of the glass doors, and cross the whole passage. Pay attention - there are pictures on the walls.

Take the stairs up, and you will see the Obelisk.

It's best to go there during the summer. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and so many sights are waiting for you!

Park Pobedy Triumph Arch by Bern Rostad at

Fascinating, isn't it?

See that beautiful arch in the middle of the road? It's called "Triumphal Arch". It was originally built in 1814, and relocated in 1968.

Walk past the sparkling fountains to the monument. This part of Park Pobedy is called Poklonnaya Gora. Most of the landmarks are located here.

Take a picture of the Obelisk. Its height is 141,8 meters, 10cm for every day of the War. The greek goddess of victory, Nike, is looking at you from above.

Park Pobedy Victory Monument. By ocmpoma from

The memorial lies ahead

Visit the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. It's that large buiding behind the Obelisk.

Enjoy the detailed exhibitions and discover rare wartime chronicles.

Walk through 6 dioramas that will share with you the stories of the greatest battles.

Continue outside, to the World War II armament exhibition. Find out what tanks and planes were used during the war, and picture them.

After you are finished with the museum, you can also visit memorial mosque, synagogue, and St. George church.

They were built to commemorate the fallen Soviet warriors of different religions. The synagogue also contains the Holocaust Museum.

Got hungry? No problem! There are lots of good places around! A very nice cafe called "Shokoladnitsa" is right by the exit from metro.

It serves delicious chocolade dishes. If you go there, order chocolade pancakes. They are ter-r-rific!

Not good enough for you? Take the metro to Kievskaya (one station away), and enter an enormous mall! You'll find everything you could possibly need- restaurants, cafes, cinemas, ice-cream stalls and...

...shops. Lots of shops!

Even if you don't plan to learn about the War, Park Pobedy is still a great place to go. It's broad, it's beautiful, and it will leave you with nothing but good memories!

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