Moscow Weather

Moscow weather is just as tricky and mysterious as Russian people. When you think you're in control - it all turns upside down.

Have you read "The Art of War"? The book teaches you to win before you fight. That's one great advice! Let's follow it!

We'll study our enemy, carefully and slowly. We'll learn how to protect ourselves from summer floods and winter frost. We'll become better, smarter and stronger than our opponent. And then,and only then, we shall act!

Here goes the ultimate rule of thumb- Moscow weather is extremely unstable and unpredictable. Do not over-rely on patterns and forecasts. Winter can be warm, and summer can be cold. Yep, nothing is simple in Russia. But then, life's tough, right?

I'm not sure if it's always been like that, but recently the weather has been going wild. I've seen rains in December, I was freezing in June - you name it (geez, I'm talking like I'm at least 100 years old!)

To learn Moscow weather better, let's look at the typical periods it consists of - Summer, Winter,Autumn and Spring.


It can be very hot in July and August, and chilly in June. No matter what happens - check the weather forecast. It can be 30 degrees today and 15 tomorrow. Dress up the same way - and you'll catch a cold for sure.

Here's a good hint - watch the sunset. If the sky's clear - most of the chances the weather will be nice the next day. When you can't see the setting sun because of the clouds - start looking for a jacket. You can't be 100% sure, but that rule's much better than TV forecasts!

Moscow weather - summer bliss. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide

Summer in the city!

There's another thing you should be ready for - instant floods. When it gets really hot and you see dark clouds suddenly gathering above - beware. It'll hit you when you least expect it, so take an umbrella. Don't do this - and you'll learn a new meaning of the word "soaked"!


Winters have been very warm recently. Temperature jumps around zero degrees, and it's really, really, REALLY not good. First, there's a lot of dirt around. When the snow melts, it mixes with the dust and turns into a nasty "gray goo" that's just everywhere!

Second, it's not healthy - such weather is ideal for infections. Your chances of catching one grow exponentially, so at least get a flu shot.

Moscow weather winter cityscape. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide

Check out the frozen river!

But then, just before you start packing, the frosts hit. You wake up one day, you look at the window - the dirt's gone, the sun is shining, but hey, why are all the people dressed like that??

In January and February temperature may drop to -25 degrees Celsius, and it usually takes you by surprise. You'd better bring some warm clothes if you don't want to spend your entire trip in a hotel room!


I'd say this one is the trickiest. March and April are cold, but May often makes you think summer has come. The sun is shining, the birds are singing - it's a total bliss out there.

Moscow weather - spring

Spring is coming to town!

Well, don't put on your short pants just yet! It can be warm under the sun, but the air itself is still cold. One slight drought- and you have a runny nose.

I'm not saying you should wear a fur coat, but a jacket would be nice. As long as it doesn't let the cold air through - you're fine!

And once you're dressed up and ready - you'll discover the wonders of Russian spring - it's charm, the life it brings and the love it inspires!


Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking - Moscow autumn is rainy, cold and gloomy. Nowhere to go, not much things to do.

You're partially right - it's best to come in summer or spring, but there are good things about Moscow autumn as well!

Moscow weather. Golden autumn

They don't call it "golden" for nothing!
(by akk_rus)

We have a very popular song that's called "There's no bad weather for nature". Sounds much better in Russian, but you get the idea. There are good things in every season!

Sure, Moscow weather becomes chilly, clouds are everywhere, and you don't go out without umbrella. But there's a hidden beauty, a little secret in Russian autumn. Want to know why it's called "golden"?

Read this page!

Moscow weather bastion has fallen - no more dirty tricks up its sleeve. You're well informed, dressed up and protected. In one word - you're cool! Heck, chances are you'll be advising your Russian friends and colleagues on how to dress!

And boy they'll be stunned!

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