Moscow Walking Tours

Moscow walking tours are an excellent way to enrich your travel experience. Too often do we see Moscow from the window of a car, or even don't see it at all because we use the metro - and that's a pity, because our city has got a lot to show!

I would take a walking tour myself, to be honest. We, Muscovites, are too busy with everyday stuff - without paying attention to all that beauty around.

Most of the times, it's just too hard to force yourself to get out of the bed - and that's where Moscow walking tours can come in handy.

Ahh, I must say I envy you already! It's so much fun, walking around Moscow, taking pictures of all the beautiful Moscow sights!

But before we start - take your time to read this article. There's been an increase in unofficial Moscow guides lately, so take note of that.

Remember I mentioned that you don't see much when you go by Moscow metro? Well, keep in mind it's a landmark by itself, so don't miss the chance to go through its wonderful stations!

So, where to go and what to see, you ask? Well, it all depends on your spare time, available funds and stamina. Why stamina? Because Moscow is a big city, and to see all of it you'll have to travel quite a lot.

Moscow walking tours - Kremlin.

The Kremlin
(by olpol)

Sorry to say that, but there's almost no way to move fast across it due to traffic jams and large distances. Therefore, the most reliable way is to travel by feet with a little help of Moscow subway - and it can get quite exhaustive.

To avoid getting too tired, plan your Moscow walking tours carefully. It's best if you could just purchase a sightseeing tour from a reliable operator - but if you prefer to go alone - that's even better!

Always prioritize. The Kremlin and the Red Square should obviously be you number one choice - visit them even if you don't have time for anything else!

Keep in mind that all the walking around takes a lot of time, as there is much to see!

They are not just-another-visit-and-forget item on your list - they are the "big rocks" that define whether you've seen Moscow or not, so don't treat them lightly.

Pay a visit to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

This marvellous piece of artwork has once been destroyed by the Communist regime, and restored only in 90's. It's an absolute must see, as it can stun even an experienced traveler!

Think it was all? Think again, as Moscow holds another ace up its sleeve - the magical street called Arbat.

Home of artisans and anarchists, Arbat should be on top of your list (although Kremlin still comes first!) Every time I go there, I feel like I went to another planet - the place's atmosphere is totally different from the usual hassle we're used to in Moscow!

Finally, visit VDNH - the former exhibition of USSR achievements.

VDNKh fountain.

Lenin's statue on VDNKh

I especially recommend it if you're a fan of everything "Soviet". I remember how one of my foreign friends was stunned by the remnants of Soviet empire he's seen there. All those buildings, huge pavilions and even a space rocket - an experience I definitely recommend!

Feel you want more? How about visiting the famous Manezhnaya Square? This place sits right next to the Kremlin, and holds a little surprise!

See, the square itself is just the tip of the iceberg, as underneath there's a huge "Okhotnyi Ryad" shopping mall where you can shop, eat, rest and basically spend your entire day!

Don't do it, though, as the shopping malls are not the most interesting part of Moscow. Instead, focus on visiting the true Moscow sights - and you can have your well-deserved ice-cream later on!

We've covered only the "cream de la creme" here, and yet there's so much more! For full list of places worth visiting in Moscow, check out my Moscow sights page.

It has more than enough to help you plan your Moscow walking tours and see everything the city's got to offer. Remember - prioritization is the key. Don't try to see it all if you don't have enough time. It's better to see a few carefully selected Moscow sights, than run around and see nothing in the end.

After all, this is not your last time in Moscow, right?

Right?? Right!

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