Moscow River Boat Trips

Moscow river boat trips are your definite choice when it's hot, sunny, and you've seen the city in any other way possible!

Just imagine how cool it is to slowly drift across the beautiful Moscow river banks, enjoying Moscow from a totally different prospective!

The air is fresh, no exhaust pipes around - it's just you and the city!

Moskva river boat trips - The Kremlin

Moscow awaits!

The Kremlin, Gorky Park, Cathedral of Christ the Savior and other Moscow sights are yours - no traffic, hassle and crowds around. Once you're done, you can get off at the nearest stop and continue your tour by feet.

OK, there are basically two types of Moscow river boat trips. One is called "river tram" or "river shuttle", and the other is more like a cruise.

Moskva River boats are waiting for tourists. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

It all starts here.

The shuttle follows a typical route through Moscow river, from "Kievskiy Vokzal" to "Novospasskiy bridge" and back, with several stops in the way. The cruise boats usually do not stop, and the entire trip make take up to two hours.

There are many cruise boat operators, each one has got its own route. You'll probably travel outside Moscow to enjoy the stunning views of Moscow region, but you'd better check it with the cashier.

Don't worry - anything will do, especially if you're in for the first time. You should only check what type of boat it is - if you wish to see Moscow, you probably don't want to go far outside, and the reverse is true as well. Take your local friends - nothing beats a good company AND they'll help you out!

Want to know what to expect? Let's look at the typical Moscow river boat trips route:

1 - "Kievskiy Vokzal" (Kievskiy Rail Station)

Moscow river boat trips starting point - Kievskiy vokzal.

Kievskiy rail terminal today

Very pretty by itself, Kievskiy Vokzal was reconstructed a couple of years ago. A starting point for most Moscow river boat trips, it's got great exterior and "Evropeiskiy" shopping mall right next to it. River cruise or no river cruise, but you should really spend there some time. No better place for Moscow shopping!

2 - "Sparrow hills" ("Vorobyovy Gory")

Moskva river boat trips - Sparrow Hills. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

See the MSU?

Ahh, such a beauty! In summer, the hills turn entirely green, and you can clearly see the building of Moscow State University rising straight to the skies. You'll also see grass-covered beaches filled with bathing Muscovites. Yep, the summer in "cold Russia" can be really hot!

Moskva River boat trips - Internatinal Business Center also called Moscow City. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

Moscow International Business Center ("Moscow City").

...and if you pay attention, you will also see the towers of Moscow Inetrnational Business Center rising up to the skies from one of the banks.

3 - "Frunzenskaya naberezhnaya" ("Frunzenskaya Quay")

Moskva river boat trips - view on Frunzenskaya Quay. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

Joint Staff headquarters. They used to call you "potential adversary".

Continuing with Moscow river boat trips. Not much to say about "Frunzenskaya Quay" except it's a home to several Soviet-style buildings, the biggest one being the Joint Staff. Boy it's huge! In addition, there're several "swimming restaurants" that'll serve you a great meal!

4 - "Gorkiy park" ("Park Kultury")

Moscow Gorky park - all rides will be destroyed soon. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

The place was full with all kinds of rides. Now many of them are removed.

This place is Russian "Disneyland". Don't be surprised when you see a space shuttle - it's called "Buran", and was the first of a kind in Russia.

Unfortunately, it was also the last one. When Perestroika began, the Soviet space program was severely cut, and "Buran" returned to hangar to be utilized later.

Space shuttle Buran at Gorky park. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

Russian space shuttle.

Don't worry, you can take a picture of it - Russian KGB is on vacation, too!

5 - Peter the Great Monument

Moskva river boat trips - view on Peter the Great monument.

He is great for sure!

Many say it destroys the looks of the city. Well, it's really big for sure! Stunning when you see it for the first time. Can't say I'm a big fan of it, but then again - I ain't a fan of Peter the Great, either, but that's a long story. In short - definitely take a couple of pictures!

6 - "Red October" chocolate factory

Moskva river boat trips -

Red October chocolate factory.

Sounds soooo communist, right? Don't mind the name - these guys make the tastiest Russian chocolate I've ever eaten! Nothing compares to "Alenka" chocolate bar - it's that little girl in a headscarf on the banner. Tell me about addiction!

7 - The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Moskva river boat trips - Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

"...have you ever stood and stared at it? Its beauty, its genius?..."

Built in 1860, it was lately destroyed by comrade Stalin. To show everyone the "new", "free" Russia, Bolsheviks built a swimming pool right on the ruins of the church! Fortunately, the new Russian government allowed its restoration, and the cathedral was re-opened in 2000. It's the tallest Eastern Orthodox church in the world!

8 - The Kremlin

View on Kremlin from Moskva river

Passing the Kremlin

So magnificent, so...Russian! You'll see the State Kremlin Palace, Archangelsky Cathedral and even Ivan the Great Bell Tower!

You'll also have a glance at St. Basil's Cathedral, but that's just a sneak preview. To really see the Kremlin, set your foot on the shore, check your camera batteries and storage, take a deep breath and walk inside. It's an entire adventure!

I haven't covered all of the sights. There's more to Moscow river boat trips than you read, but that will be our little surprise.


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