Pick Your Favorite Moscow Restaurant

Finding a pleasant and cheap Moscow restaurant can be a challenge.

To help you select the right one, I put down a list of Moscow restaurants I know and like.

I've visited them with my family and friends many times over, and it has always been a great experience!

There are lots of restaurants in Moscow, many of them are pricey. However, expensive isn't always good. Many places offer a delicious meal for a decent price.

Let's start with my personal favorite-a French-Swiss restaurant "Syrnaia Dyrka". In fact,there are two of them! One offers French cuisine, and another specializes on Swiss dishes.

Their main specialty is cheese. After all, Syrnaia Dyrka means "Cheese hole".

Be sure to check the Cheese plate (a dozen sorts of cheese served with honey and some grapes).

Also, DO NOT leave until you try the fondue-pieces of bread in melted cheese. Both the French and Swiss restaurants offer several kinds of fondue, and it's great!

The atmosphere, the staff-everything is arranged in order for you to feel comfortable. Some of the tables for two are hidden inside the small niches in the walls. If you want to have a private experience-be sure to book them!

What else is there to say? I love it. I even picked the French restaurant to host my wedding celebration!

Have a look at another good Moscow restaurant - "Rahat Lukum". It specializes on Uzbek cuisine, but it also serves Caucasian and Mediterranean meals.

The place has a very cozy, home-like atmosphere.

There is a wide selection of dishes, among my favorites are lamb soup with noodles and greens, manty (steam-cooked mincemeat in a thin layer of dough), and of course the delicious salads.

If you are not sure what to choose-don't worry, English menus are available.

Planning to come together with friends? Be sure to order a narghile. Its fragrant tobacco comes with several flavors, my top choice being apple.

For dessert, have some delicious tea with bits of tasty caramel sugar. You'll love it!

If you prefer a good old American cuisine, be sure to drop by "T.G.I. Friday's" restaurant.

You probably have one in your country, but I will tell about it anyway. Why? Because, just like McDonalds ad says -"I'm loving it!"

Delicious stakes and burgers, chicken wings, tasty snacks and huge desserts await those who dare. The atmosphere is open and democratic,and the waiters are friendly.

If you plan to have a birthday-be sure to consider T.G.I.! The way they congratulate you is something else. I don't want to throw a spoiler here, let's just say it's fun.

Oh, and the decorations are great. I just adore the vintage posters and widgets they put on the walls.

It's an incarnation of the American way of life!

Let us not forget about "Shokoladnica" chocolate restaurant.

It serves delicious chocolate pancakes, well known all across Moscow. Beware - once you taste them - you'll only want more and more!

For a sweet tooth like me, this place is a like Valhalla for a viking. When I'm there - I feel I'm in heaven.

Even if you are not a big fan of chocolate - don't pass by when you see the logo. You can still have a great lunch without touching anything sweet. Just order a salad, meat pancakes and a tea - and you're free to go.

If you do that-send me your picture. With such will of steel, you'll be my hero, the person I'll never become.

Will you let me call you "master"?

Fan of Italian pizza? Then you would definitely like to visit "Il Patio". This Italian restaurant offers probably the best pizza in Moscow!

Just listen to these: "Bavarese,Messicana,Quattro Formagi, Pepperoni...". They make me wish I was born Italian!

But it is not only the pizza that counts!

Be sure to have some delicious salads as well! My personal favorite is Insalata di Ruccolla, but don't limit yourself to that. Insalata Caprese is great, and taste some of that Caesar salad!

In fact, this restaurant offers you many versions of it.There is even a whole separate menu, "All faces of Caesar"!

And ask the waiter for that garlic bread. Terrific!

Order tasty desserts, such as Esterhasy or apple pie with ice cream-and you'll leave with a smile!

Curious of Russian cuisine but short on time? Check out "Moo-Moo" self-service restaurant!

This Moscow restaurant combines quick service with good quality.

You will get your food fast, but it won't be junk. It will be good, AND it will be inexpensive.

Don't leave without having the borsch. It's the tastiest I've ever eaten!

The salads make excellent appetizers. Try beef, calamari, or seafood. Yammie!

Have some meat or fish as your second course. All sorts of coatings and garnishes are available,but whatever your choice is-you won't be dissapointed.

Get some Russian Mors (berry drink). It's healthy and very tasty!

How could I forget about McDonalds??

It's my favorite fast-food restaurant in Moscow - serves the best burgers in town.

Pay it a visit when you're hungry, don't have lots of cash to spend, and your wife is not watching!

To conclude-choose the Moscow restaurant that suits you best. Whatever your pick is-a pleasant evening is waiting for you.

Don't be in a rush to visit all of them. After all, you need to leave some for your next visits!

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