Moscow Red Square - Feel It, Breath It, Love It!

Moscow Red Square is the heart of Russia. It's the historical, cultural, and political center of the country.

The Red Square is more than 500 years old. It was set up by Ivan Groznyi in 1493,and was initially used as a marketplace.

Gradually, the Russian governments began to use it for ceremonies. This tradition has lived until today.

Moscow Red Square. Courtesy of magical_world at

By the way, it's called "Red" not because of the color. The word "red" used to mean "beautiful" in Russian. And beauty it is.

The first thing I felt when I got there was how tiny and insignificant I am. The feeling was not accidental.

The Red Square reflects the difference between the East and the West. It symbolizes the state, its reign over man.

It sends you that famous Orwellian message - "The Big Brother is watching you".

All the power is concentrated here. The Kremlin is right behind the wall. These days, it is the only real authority in the country. Just like the old times.

Lenin's Tomb is located on the Moscow Red Square as well. There was time when thousands of people came daily to their beloved leader.

Moscow Red Square Lenin's Tomb. Courtesy of steve_w at

The old man just won't let go...

Since 1945, the military parades were held there annually. They were cut down during Perestroika and gradually restored.

The first parade was held at 1941, just before the War. It had to show the strength of Russian troops to the Germans. Apparently, the Nazis were not impressed.

The choice of place is not accidental. During the Communist regime, the Red Square parades stressed the power of Kremlin.

Thousands of soldiers stomping the pavement made Soviet people proud and loyal, reminding them who was the boss.

There is another symbol of power on the Red Square. In the past, it used to house several cathedral. Two of them, Kazan Cathedral and Iverskaya Chapel, were demolished.

Now the only one remaining is Saint Basil's Cathedral. These churches were reminding the people about the God-given right of their kings.

You see how it's coming together? Moscow Red Square blends the military, politics, and religion into a unique energy that represents Russia.

But it has changed a lot.

The Red Square has become much friendlier. It's open to everyone. People come to celebrate their wedding, shop at boutiques and even ice-skate!

Popular artists, such as Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, come to Red Square to throw performances.

And people are no longer getting in line to see Lenin.

If you want to truly feel and understand Russia - visit the Red Square. It's simply stunning!

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