Moscow News

Looking for Moscow news can be a real pain. Most of the sites are heavily biased, others are a complete junk.

To help you, I've brought up my own list of websites. Don't spend another minute searching for news in Google!

First of all, there is a great English newspaper I used to read during my college years - "The Moscow Times".

It provides news and interesting stories, "Jobs and Careers" section, real estate classifieds, and even Dilbert column every Friday!

Of course, the most important thing for a newspaper is the quality of the information.

Well, I can honestly say that this newspaper's articles are completely unbiased. "The Moscow Times" presents you with news, not views.

Surely you'll see lots of opinions from the columnists, but they are strictly separated from the facts. No tricks. That was one of the reasons "The Moscow Times" was so popular among the students in my college.

Moscow Times Newspaper.

The perfect travel companion
(by whatleydude)

You can pick the newspaper free of charge in bars, restaurants, hotels, airports, and other public places, especially the ones visited by foreigners. It's hard to miss because of its distincitve blue headline.

And did you heard about "Kommersant"? This Russian newspaper is a great source of Moscow news. It's more biased than "The Moscow Times", but not too much.

You can say it presents a facts in a slightly more "polished" way.

"Kommersant" is published in Russian. However, a great English version is available on its stylish, slick, professional website.

To conclude - "Kommersant" is a good newspaper, but keep in mind it's not always as objective as it should be. Apply your own judgement.

Also, check out "Novaya Gazeta". This newspaper has got an unspotted record of thrilling investigations on all the matters of current interest.

The articles are exemplary. They are objective, thought-through, and present all the needed proof. No wonder "Novaya Gazeta" has always been a headache for government.

Unfortunately, its website has got very poor English section - only the most important articles get translated. On the other hand, it may be a good thing, especially if you don't have much time.

Pay a visit to "Moscow Observer" website. It's an English news digest that pulls the information from several networks. You'll find lots of English content, news, facts, pictures and even live Russian radio broadcasts.

The site is overloaded with information, though, and the navigation is confusing. If you have some time to spend on it - definitely give it a try!