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Have you been to Moscow museums?

Let me guess, your answer will probably be - "boooooring!" . Well, I wasn't a big fan of them myself.

Only later I realized that you can't truly know the place without learning something about its roots.

There are pubs, restaurants and night clubs everywhere, right? Moscow's got plenty of them as well, but it's just a decoy for the impatient.

You'll need to go beyond the usual tourist routes if you mean business.

First things first, so we'll start with Tretyakov Gallery.

Established in 1851 it's almost 160 years old. It has more than 130,000 exhibits, which means that if you spend a minute per each - it'll take you 3 months to see the entire collection!

...and you need much more than one minute to comprehend the stunning pictures of Russian painters! Aivazovskyi, Brullov, Vasnetsov, Vrubel, Repin, Roerich, Petrov-Vodkin - this is just a short list of famous artists whose works you'll enjoy.

Tretyakov Gallery - one of the famous Moscow museums. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

The legendary "Tretyakovka"!

Don't pass by the impressive orthodox icons created by Andrei Rublev, Dionisius and Theophanes the Greek.

Just look at them - don't you just see that special "Russianness" embodied in the paintings? That "something" that catches the eye?

I'm not a religious person, but icons have always given me the chills, so take your time - it's well worth it!

Even the building itself is a work of art! A famous Russian artist Victor Vasnetsov designed the facade ,so if you loved the unique fairy-tale style - look for his works inside.

Pushkin Museum Of Fine Arts is the next great topic on our Moscow museums list.

Constructed in 1912, it was initially named after Russian tsar Alexander III. The museum was renamed in 1937, when tsars were not in favor, to say the least!

Its mission is to represent the periods in art history from Ancient to New Age (and "boldly go where no man has gone before!" Kiddin'.)

Don't miss the "Crown jewel" - the Ancient Egypt artwork collection. It has more than 6,000 exhibits - statues, vases, carvings, amphoras and even a real sarcophagus. This ancient creepy stuff made me feel like Indiana Jones!

Pushkin museum in Moscow. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

You'll see works of Picasso, Van Gogh, Matisse and Rembrandt, some of them dating back to 17th century. There are also many casts of Greek, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance sculptures.

Look at the building before you leave. Isn't it something? It was partly designed by Vasnetsov, the one that decorated "Tretyakovka" (that's how we like to call "Treatyakov Gallery"). What can I say? The man was a true talent!

State Historical Museum is the place to find answers about Moscow, Russia, the Universe and everything!

It's the biggest one in the country, possessing several millions of exhibits - probably more than all other Moscow museums have in total!

Frankly, this number sounds crazy. I couldn't comprehend it myself until I saw the rich and detailed expositions that start right from the Stone Age!

Each hall represents an epoch, so you literally travel through time and space. Don't touch anything! You might change the future!

"Ancient Europe" exposition is great. I saw tribal weapons, jewelry and tableware, all of them in the finest detail.

And there was a large sarcophagus as well! (oh, no! Another one!)

State Historical Museum in Moscow. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

The museum is right next to Kremlin.

"Ancient Russian towns" has many exhibits from Kiev, Novgorod, Smolensk, Vshizh and Lubech. It gave me a weird "time-traveler" feeling that I'll never forget. I actually "was" in the past, not just studying the remnants of it! Kinda hard to describe, but you'll understand when you get there.

I also enjoyed the "Fighting Foreign Invaders" hall. Most of it is about Mongols, with swords, armor, books, and antiquities. I liked the balanced historical approach - the exposition mentions that Mongols were not only invaders but also great contributors to Russian culture.

We've only covered a tiny fraction of museum's mysteries. If you're eager to learn more - see you there!

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