Moscow Metro 2

Moscow Metro 2 is the dark legend of Moscow. This mysterious underground installation have drawn attention of journalists, writers, and common folks for decades. You won't believe the things I've heard!

I guess number 1 reason for all the speculations is the atmosphere of mystery around "Metro 2" project. The government neither confirms nor denies the idea, and we all know what that usually means, right?

Oh, the stories... People tell about secret labs, giant rats, nuclear missiles and endless tunnels that span for hundreds of miles.

Some claim they've seen ghosts, giant rats, and even Joseph Stalin himself frozen in a special chamber deep underneath Moscow. Sure, one can fantasize as much as he wants, but what do we really know about the facility?

Moscow metro 2 map.

Metro 2 map.
(Taken from

Let's face it - we don't have the facts and first hand accounts, so we can't really be sure. On the other hand - the rumors are way too abundant to just ignore them, so let's analyze the most reasonable ones!

Ok, so what do we know? Moscow Metro 2 was built during Stalin times and codenamed "D-6" by the Russian KGB. Its main purpose was to allow swift and hidden transportation as well as evacuation of Soviet leaders in the event of nuclear war.

That sounds totally reasonable to me. Stalin was paranoid, afraid of his own shadow. It must've seemed like a very good idea to him! He could be anywhere-and nowhere. Another rumor that supports this idea is that Moscow Metro 2 was directly linked to "Stalin's Dacha" - his residence near "Kuntsevo".

Back then, nuclear war could break any moment. The allies developed "Operation Dropshot" that would wipe out USSR from the map in an instant, while comrade Stalin planned to invade Europe right after the War was over.

Can't say who started it first, and frankly it's not that important now. What I'm trying to say is there was good reason to build something like "Metro 2", and that's why I believe the Soviets actually did this.

People I spoke with also claim that "Metro 2" connects strategic objects in and outside of Moscow, including the Ministry of Defense, command bunkers, secret factories and other military facilities.

Sounds real as well. If we take for granted that the lines were built as deep as 200 meters, then the system must be pretty resilient even to non-conventional warfare. There can be living hell on the surface, but you'll only be slightly shaken in your bunker.

Even if the enemy hits Moscow with all he's got - the tunnels would still remain in place, ensuring smooth coordination and operation of command centers, and as a result - the deadly retaliation strike.

By the way, even if capitalists managed to destroy all the Soviet leadership, there is a system called "Dead Hand" that would automatically launch the rockets back on the enemy. Again, there aren't any hard facts to prove it, but the rumors are very persistent.

When I first heard about it, it freaked me out to say the least. What if this system malfunctions one day, and begins World War 3 much like "Skynet" did in "Terminator" fiction? Are there enough safeguards built into it?

The answers are yet to come, but it's kinda creepy to live in the world where outdated computers control enough destructive power to knock us all back to the stone age!

Moscow metro 2

The truth is out there...

Think about this - while Metro 2 was originally built to make Joseph Stalin feel safe, it would be stupid not to use it for the needs of the Soviet military.

If you built such a huge network, you'd probably want to utilize it fully, and not just sit there waiting for couple of passengers to take a ride once a week. Therefore, once Stalin died, I doubt the generals just said "let's demolish this thing, we don't really need it." On the contrary, they were probably dreaming to get access to that network!

Now, when "Metro 2" was not only used by Stalin and his "inner circle", the army could use it to transport supplies, materials and personnel between the bunkers without any risk of exposing them! Heck, you could even build a hidden command center right under the American nose! Now isn't it great or what?

Another probable myth is that Moscow Metro 2 spans for dozens of miles outside of Moscow. If you want to evacuate the leaders out of a burning city - you need the tunnels to go as far as possible from ground zero, otherwise the entire idea is useless!

I have some personal knowledge that backs up this claim. Can't tell whom I heard it from, but it seems there is an underground tunnel passing under the city of "Chekhov" and linking Moscow region underground command post to Moscow Metro 2 system.

Sounds nuts? I agree, but don't forget we're talking Soviet Union here. It was totally fine to waste millions on the most unimaginable defense projects back then, and believe me – Moscow Metro 2 was not the most expensive one at all!

Apart from what I've been talking about there aren't that much credible things to say about "Metro 2". You can't possibly believe the stories about sentient, mutated giant rats that inhabit the network now, right?

However, if you put all the nonsense aside, you'll see how the picture begins to clear up. Yes, there probably is such installation, and yes, it was probably built by Stalin. In addition, I think it's reasonable to presume that D-6 is being in use even today, because current leaders are no less concerned about their security, and it would be stupid not to use something that's there already.

However, don't forget everything you've read here is merely a speculation - there are no hard facts to back the rumors, unfortunately. If I had those facts, I guess I wouldn't be writing this page...

Keep in mind that looking for Metro 2 tunnels is not a good idea for spending a vacation...

...the official Moscow sights are much,much better!

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