Moscow International Business Center

Moscow International Business Center (or "Moskva-City" as we call it) is one of the most significant modern additions to our capital.

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You see, since the beginning of 1990s when the communism finally fell, Russian government had that ambition to create some kind of Moscow Business Center that would look and function like the Wall Street in New York and the City of London.

To be honest, that ambition could be understood - Moscow was quickly turning into Russia's financial center, and yet the city couldn't really propose much to its businessmen.

The only thing we did have back then were the old Soviet buildings that were quickly modified to host offices instead of apartments. However, that was not enough as they both didn't look well (and in business, as you know, the looks are everything) and lacked the necessary infrastructure.

Moscow International Business Center at night

The place looks like Gotham at night
(by Anton Fomkin)

So, in 1992, the Moscow International Business Center project was conceived. The idea was to create a place where every business would be able to rent a modern-looking office and provide all the necessary services to its employees (like catering).

Since then, things were developing pretty slowly. Lack of financing, bureaucracy - you know.... The construction of the first 34th story skyscraper began only in 1996 and finished in 2001, these days it's called "Tower 2000". It is coupled with "Bagration Bridge" that connects the tower with the rest of Moscow Business Center right across Moskva River.

Since 2001, the things sped up a little bit, and today we have five functional complexes ("Tower 2000","City of Capitals","Naberezhnaya Tower" and "The Northern Tower", one of the lowest). In addition, there is a fully functional exhibition center called "Expocenter", the biggest one in Eastern Europe.

It may not look like much, but first of all, the project has many more skyscrapers coming (there will be 12 or even more in total), and second - even the unfinished buildings look great.

I wonder what it will be like once the project is finished. Up to 300,000 people are estimated to work and live there, and if Moscow International Business Center ever reaches those numbers it will become quite an impressive place.

The center is already linked to Moscow metro - the entire new line was built for that purpose. In addition, there will be lots of parking space and new bus routes so that the people who work there won't have to worry about getting to their office on time.

I especially like the design of the buildings. That futuristic style makes International Business Center look like it came to us from a distant tomorrow world where Russia became a true economic superpower.

While most of the buildings still exist only as blueprints, some are already finished. Well, they may not be 100% finished, but on the outside you'll be able to see everything in the finest detail.

For example, you can already look at "City of Capitals" complex. Isn't it something? Especially those two towers in the middle - it's as if they were built by a child out of cubes that just don't align well.

Moscow International Business Center City of Capitals Skyscrapers (in the middle).By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

"City of Capitals" skyscrapers are right in the middle

Or the unfinished "Federation Complex" - looks like some kind of alien flower that took root in Moscow soil. You know, sometimes I can't get rid of the feeling that people working in those places are aliens indeed.

They live in their own worlds where one can get rich by yelling numbers in stock exchange, they speak weird language that no normal person can wonder they require their own special habitat that recreates the environment of their financial homeworld!

You know, usually I am completely against office buildings in Moscow. The problem is that historic buildings are often torn down to make space for another business center, and that just distorts the face of our city.

What's even worse is the fact that most of those new buildings are constructed in the very heart of Moscow - its historic center. No one wants to have an office in the outskirts of the city, so every company that has money prefers to buy something that's right across the road from the Kremlin.

Even more than that, such rich companies is usually very influential, so we can't really do much to lessen their appetites. And so, each year a little part of Moscow history is washed away by the newcomers...

On the other hand, I can also understand those who are building those office centers. After all, it's not very prestigious to have an office in some remote neighborhood, plus it's totally inconvenient for most of the workers since such neighborhoods usually do not have a good public transport link.

That is exactly why I completely back the idea of Moscow International Business Center. If we ever manage to pull off the project then most of the office buildings will be moved there, and then the historic center of Moscow can finally rest from all those terrible demolitions.

Plus, Moscow International Business Center can become the landmark by itself, so in addition to saving some of Moscow's history we will have another great site for our visitors. It's a win-win not matter how you put it.

Who knows....maybe one day I will work there, too 😉

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