Moscow Girls Q&A

Hi there, and welcome to my Moscow girls page. Man, it's HUGE! In fact, it has grown so large I've decided to write it in the form of FAQ.

I tried to think about every last question you may have. Just scroll down, and I'm sure you'll find it in one of the headlines!

If you still didn't find what you were looking for - drop me a line, and I'll update promptly!

Ready for a ride? Let's go!

What are my chances to find true love in Moscow?

Well, that totally depends on you! Probability theory doesn't apply here because you are the biggest factor that determines the end result!

It's not like throwing the dice again and again watching helplessly. It's like being able to influence it - and growing better every time you do. Wouldn't that improve your chances?

If you set yourself a goal and work hard to achieve it - most of the chances you will. It always works!

...and if you're being lazy and passive - well, then, don't blame your bad luck!

Are Moscow girls different from Western women? Why?

Moscow girls are different. Different mentality, different looks, different style, and different behavior. Russian women aren't that "strict" towards men - unlike their Western counterparts.

I'm not saying it's good or bad - it's just so! Plus, Moscow girls are more family-oriented - and tend to care less about the career and promotions - with all due respect to Western women!

Russia has always been patriarchal, with men dominating every aspect of society. It was hard for a woman to make her way because everyone agreed her place was in the kitchen. Wasn't such a tragedy because our mentality is rather Asian than European.

Doesn't sound very modern, but most of today's Moscow girls prefer to sit at home and raise kids rather than go to work every day.

Do Moscow girls speak English or other foreign languages?

It's true that Muscovites are not very good in foreign languages, but the situation has been improving recently. More and more people in Moscow attend specialized language courses - and their efforts surely pay off.

These days, there are many Moscow women who speak perfect English, German or French - you'll barely know they are actually Russian!

Are all Moscow girls prostitutes?

Of course not! It's true that many prostitutes working in the West speak Russian - but they mostly come from former USSR republics and not Russia itself.

Sadly, there are still lots of Russian women involved in that dirty business - but you have to consider many of them were tricked into it, and some were even forced. When a poor girl is looking for a job abroad - she's an easy prey, and there are plenty of predators around...

Another thing that adds to that negative image is all sorts of sleazy websites offering outright pornography and other posing as "marriage agencies". I must say I have nothing against legitimate Internet dating services - I'm talking only about phony ones.

By the way, if you see their fishy ads on my website - let me know, and I'll remove them in no time!

There are plenty of honest, decent and selfless Moscow girls - in fact, they are the majority! Don't let crooks mislead you - if you're looking for true love - you will find it. Period!

How to date Moscow girls?

Russian women dating is easier than you'd think. If she's not married - she's probably looking for a partner - so why don't you give it a try?

It doesn't matter what the circumstances are - if there's a girl you like act! Don't worry too much about the consequences! If she doesn't want to date you - she'll let you know. One thing is certain - she's not gonna sue you for trying!

There's only a couple of situations when you shouldn't do this - like if you were her boss, or if she's dating someone else. In any other case - I'm sure she'll be happy to go out!

Want my advice? Be a man. She won't be waving the Bill of Rights under your nose, on the contrary - there's nothing wrong with you being the leader! I don't mean you must be assertive or aggressive, but Russian women love when the man is being proactive.

I'd say that it the biggest difference in mentalities. Western females like to be treated equally, while Russian women like to feel sheltered.

There's even a saying in Russian "a woman must feel like she's behind a stone wall", meaning man must take care of everything.

Don't wait, start acting right from the first date - you'll see the girl will love it!

Be a gentleman. Care for her. Love her. Don't let her down in any situation - make her see you are an ideal protector and provider - and even the coldest heart will melt!

Don't think I exaggerate! In Russia, being a gentleman is a necessity, not just a figure of speech. Women do expect you to let them pass first through the door and help take off the coat. Don't do that - and you're blacklisted!

Note Moscow girls don't expect much from foreigners - everybody knows the rules are different in Western countries - and that's when you can shine! Stun them with your manners, surround them with care - and there's no way they'll turn you down!

But won't they see my attention as harassment?

Well, that's HIGHLY unlikely. Unless you're being very rude and/or intrusive, I don't see any reason for a woman to react this way.

Surely, there are a lot of weird people around - but I'd say you have higher chances to be hit by a meteor than to be sued by Russian woman for asking her out!

Don't think of that, really! There's nothing wrong about telling the girl you like her and to invite her for a date. Even if you're working together - that shouldn't be a problem, unless you are her boss. But - you could think of something even in that case! be honest, I've never, ever heard about a harassment case in Moscow!

What should I buy Moscow girls?

That depends on the girl - and on the case. First of all - when you are on a date, be sure to buy her flowers. If that's the first date and you aren't sure how it's gonna work out - it can wait, but if everything is going according to plan - a nice bouquet will always do!

If that's her birthday - think about buying her jewelry. It doesn't have to be expensive - but a small golden ring or an elegant chain will make an excellent present!

If she simply invited you over - be sure to buy some sweets and champagne, and buy something good! Plus - flowers, flowers, flowers!

Another good idea would be to buy her a bottle of good liquor in duty-free. Moscow girls love those but can't afford them since they are really expensive here. However, it's always a good idea to find out what she likes first. After all, she may not drink at all!

Want to really impress her? How about buying tickets to some rare and expensive show? Many European and American artists visit Moscow these days - and if your girl is a fan of them - make her a little surprise!

Taking her to Moscow theater is also a good idea. They ain't cheap either - and I'd bet your woman would love to visit a popular performance!

Please don't think Russian women are so greedy and corrupt they won't love you unless you're generous! They ain't poor either - you'll be surprised to find out how much Moscow girls can make a month!

It's a question of mentality, a local etiquette. Men are supposed to make women gifts - and it's going back for centuries!

Who are we to argue?

How NOT to date Moscow girls?

Never, ever date somebody only for sex. Works in Moscow, Rome, Paris - and even Pyongyang! Sure, there's this kind of girls looking for quick affair - but they aren't the majority!

Don't think the girl's in for your money or your passport. She's a human being, just like you - and deserve a fair treatment. Remember - she may be richer than you, and doesn't really want to move from Russia, so leave the cliches behind!

You attract whoever you're looking for. If it's lust - so it shall be, and if it's love - you're gonna have a totally different story. It's all up to you, really.

Remember - you reap what you sow!

How and where to look for a date?

In short - everywhere. Keep your eyes open - and yourself ready for new opportunities. Look out for lonely girls on birthdays and parties. Talk to them and see what happens. It may just work out!

Working together? Nothing wrong with going out. Studying in Moscow? Excellent, there must be plenty of girls around!

Seen the girl you liked on the street? I can't say it's the best way to find a woman of your dreams, but who knows? You should try every last possibility!

Tip of the day? Wedding! Weddings usually have plenty of single women, and the atmosphere makes them "vulnerable" for romantic opportunities. Use that chance!

Don't look for a date on purpose. Night clubs and bars are full of maids who're only interested in cash cows. They may use your romantic interest to strip you out of your money and break your heart - so stay away of them.

I'm not saying good girls never go to pubs - but your chances to find them there are much, much lower.

Wise man said once - "tell me who your friend is - and I'll tell who you are". Have good friends in Moscow? Ask them if they know good, single ladies. They do? Great, go ahead! You can be pretty sure these girls are honest and decent!

Should I look for a date in the Internet?

Now that's a tricky one. I can say "yes" and I can say "no" - and I have good examples to back up any of these answers.

On the one hand, Internet is full of scam and porn. If you manage to get past all this junk - the frauds will be waiting for you. Passed them as well? Found someone true? Well, what are the chances you'll build a long-lasting relationships with that person?

Next to none, right?

That may be, but I personally know a woman who met her love in a chat(!), and is now living in US and raising a kid. Either she's very lucky - or the probability isn't THAT small.

...and don't forget about the dice!

Should I say "yes"? Not exactly. I wouldn't rely on the Internet too much. Too much spam, too much fraud - too few good people.

If you're looking for serious girl, chances are she won't consider Internet as well - for the same reasons. That makes the probability of you two meeting even lower.

When you're determined to find your love - leave the Internet as your "last resort", but don't spend too much time on prowling the web.

Do Moscow girls drink a lot? Do they love Vodka?

That depends on the girl - some prefer to stay sober, while the majority likes wine and light cocktails. There aren't many girls who drink a lot - unlike in the movies.

Some girls are problematic, but I wouldn't date them if I were you. Your chances to meet them are quite low - unless you'll be looking in the really nasty places!

...and of course they love Vodka! Every Russian does - didn't you know? That's our major habit apart from eating caviar and shooting ICBM's on a random country :)

Are all Moscow girls blue-eyed blonds?

No, no, no! Russian women have all kinds of looks - thanks to centuries of assimilation. Red heads, brunettes, white, latino, asian - even black!

Take your pick!

Of course, there are lots of blue-eyed blondes as well. If the looks are important to you- I'm sure you'll find someone who matches your strict demands!

Where do Moscow girls work and what are their hobbies?

Moscow girls can work everywhere - depends more on their actual skills. They are mostly employed in the offices as secretaries and assistants - although there are lots of women working on managerial positions.

They are so charming and feminine you'd be totally surprised to find out she's actually a CEO of a major company. The age is very important - the older is the woman - the more chances she's more than meets the eye.

Their hobbies vary as well. Some go out for a drink, others prefers cinemas and theaters. Moscow women love to dance, so they attend specialized dancing schools. Belly dance has been a hit recently, and I also recall tango was very popular for some time.

Some women attend self-defense lessons, others learn foreign languages. Many go to gyms, and there are those who prefer to do nothing and sit at home after a hard day. The possibilities are endless - it's Moscow, remember?

There's a girl I've met on the Internet who seems to really like me. She's asking to send her some money - should I do this?

I don't think you should. If she wants to visit, and she needs that money for a ticket - why don't you visit her instead? This way you'll be sure you aren't being fooled.

Plus, if she's a scammer - she'll refuse to meet you in person, and you'll know right away the entire thing was a set-up, like described in my Russian women scams page.

She needs that money to call you by phone? Call her yourself! And if you two have broadband Internet - use software like Skype or MSN to communicate for free. You will hear and see each other and won't have to pay huge phone bills at the end of the month.

There can be many situations, hard to predict them all. As a rule of thumb - always presume the worst. Alas, the Internet is full of bad people.

I heard Moscow girls live together with their relatives. Will I have to live with her mom?

That may be the case. Not everyone in Moscow can afford a separate flat - so be ready to meet the parents. That may not be very convenient - considering the fact that Moscow flats are usually small. Basically, there are 2 solutions to that problem:

1) Stay at her place

If you're only visiting for couple of weeks to know each other better - the heck with it. Stay at her apartment, never mind all the people running around. After all, it's a great chance to know her relatives better - may just shed some light on who she really is!

2) Rent a flat

If you're here for a longer time - why don't you rent a flat? It's expensive, but at least you'll have your private little space! Whether you do have a girlfriend or not - you need a place to stay in Moscow if you're here for more than a short vacation!

Of course there're hotels and short-term rent, but it doesn't look very serious, does it? Relationships are a long-term investment - and looking for a "quick fix" shouldn't be your main concern - unless, of course, you know what you're doing.

That concludes my Moscow girls FAQ so far. Don't forget to write if you have any questions - and I wish you the best of luck with finding your love!

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