Your Moscow Airport

Choosing your Moscow airport of arrival and departure is important. I guess you know the reasons, but here's some more that's especially true in our city.

First of all, Moscow is sooo big and the traffic can be such a pain!

That's precisely why you need the airport that's closest to your hotel, because it would be a pity to choose Domodedovo when you're actually staying somewhere up Moscow's northern city limits.

Wouldn't it be so much better to get to your place fast and easy, rather than to be stuck in the traffic jams for hours? I think you know the answer already!

Also, consider what services the airport offers, and most important - what transport options are available. For example, taking a taxi may not always be the best choice, especially if you are low on funds.

Fortunately, these days Moscow airports provide the whole bunch of public transportation options, beginning from excellent commuter trains that go straight to city's main rail terminals - and up to regular buses that reach the closest Moscow metro stations.

OK, let's see what options do we have.

As you already know, there are several airports in Moscow. Try to select the one that meets your requirements best - and I would even recommend to change your hotel if you find out it's somewhere on the opposite side of the city. This way, you can save several hours each way!

Domodedovo Moscow airport is the biggest one. This place accepts the flights from all over the globe, so chances are you will be arriving there.

It used to be a small Soviet airport handling local flights only.

Today, major airlines such as "Transaero", "Swiss","Lufthansa","British Airways","El Al","Austrian" and "Emirates" arrive to Domodedovo daily with thousands of passengers.

Airport Domodedovo. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

Domodedovo terminal.

This airport has everything you may need - taxi service, duty-free shops, modern check-in stands and, fast border control and even automatic, self-registration terminals that are very new in our part of the world.

Once you arrive, you can get to your place of stay in several ways. The best choice is to order a taxi to meet you right in the airport - and bring you straight to your residency!

Almost all of Moscow hotels offer this service. The driver will be standing with your name right in the arrival hall,pick you up - and away we go! No hassle, no worries - just a comfortable ride.

You can order a taxi in the airport as well. I strongly advise to use the official taxi service. Some people will offer you a cheaper ride - don't listen to them. Just go to the stand, talk to the nice lady, get your receipt - et voila!

The taxi will cost you, but that's because Domodedovo is quite far from the city. Overall, it's the best way to get to Moscow (provided there are no traffic jams, of course!)

Tight on budget? You can use the public transport.

There is fast commuter train connecting Domodedovo to Paveletskii train terminal. The ride takes about 40 minutes and costs around 100 roubles, which is very cheap!

If you're going by train, try to arrange a local person to help you out. You can meet at Domodedovo or Paveletskii and continue either by metro or by taxi.

Also, keep in mind that Domodedovo sits to the south of Moscow. Try to rent a hotel somewere in that part of the city - and you'll save yourself a long ride!

If your hotel is closer to the northern part of Moscow, consider Sheremetyevo Moscow airport. It accepts "Aeroflot","Alitalia","Air France","Finnair","Delta","SAS", and many other flights, and basicalyy is the main competitor to Domodedovo.

Moscow airport Sheremetyevo used to be the only Soviet airport to handle international flights. It gave up a large portion of airlines to Domodedovo recently - whic is very good, because it used to be heavily overloaded.

Sheremetyevo Moscow airport is located outside of the Ring Road, far to the North, on Leningradskoe highway. As you see, it's competes with Domodedovo in every way possible - including location :)

Moscow airport Sheremetyevo.

Inside Sheremetyevo
(by zozo2k3)

The airport's interior is not as good as Domodedovo's, and that's because Domodedovo was rebuilt from scratch, while Sheremetyevo inherited the outdated Soviet design.

Don't worry, though. You will get all of the services you are used to, and the design - well, do you really care that much? You'll only be spending a couple of hours in Moscow airport, right?

Beside a taxi, you can get on the express train in Sheremetyevo as well. It departs quite frequently, and will bring you to Savelovsky train station, which is only a fraction away from Moscow downtown.

From there, you can go by taxi, or use the metro.In any case, bring some local help with you! You won't regret it!

In addition to the above, there's another Moscow airport called Vnukovo. If you fly from Syria, Iran, Brunei or China - you may land there.

An express train is available from that airpot as well. It takes you straight to Kievskii train station, which is in the west of the city - and from there, you can get to every last corner of Moscow if you wish :)

Moscow Vnukovo express.

Going to Vnukovo
(by Arthur Ivanov)

You can also take a bus to Yugo-Zapadnaya or Oktiabr'skaya metro stations, but in my opinion, apart from a taxi - train is the best choice, as Moscow buses may not be very comfortable.

Vnukovo airport lies to southwest of Moscow, so try to arrange your hotel accordingly - it would be a shame to spend many hours in traffic on your arrival day!

Whatever Moscow airport you arrive at - I am sure you will have a delightful stay. They've been heavily renovated recently, so now you can expect a truly European level of service.

Enjoy your stay!

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