Moscow 5 Star Hotels

...the best vacation money can buy!

Moscow 5 star hotels are the perfect choice when comfort means everything to you. Their deluxe suites will make sure your Moscow travel will be pleasant, comfortable - and efficient, if we're talking business.

These Moscow 5 star hotels will fulfill your every desire!

I'm not kidding - everything you may ever need will be within reach, from jacuzzi to spacious meeting halls where you can discuss business matters with your Russian partners.

I picked these places myself, based on my knowledge and experience.

After all, I've had plenty of people to accomodate during these years, and everytime I payed them a visit - I was stunned by the level of luxury and comfort these Moscow 5 star hotels offer...

...and I'm sure you will be, too!

Out of all Moscow 5 star hotels, I believe Golden Ring hotel in Moscow deserves our attention the most.

Built during Soviet times, the hotel was completely renovated by 1998, and now corresponds to the highest international standards.

It has a 5-stars rank, excellent fitness center, set of beautiful, furnished rooms with broadband Internet, choice of restaurants and bars - and even Russian pool tables.

Ever tried playing Russian pool? If you manage to pocket the ball, I'm your fan for life - I was never able to do that. Well, you know - nothing is simple in Russia ๐Ÿ˜‰

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The building is located near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, one of the "Seven Sisters", built during the reign of Stalin. Have you seen "Equilibrium"? Same architecture, more or less!

The Ministry is truly huge - there's some grim beauty to it that reminds me of "1984", the famous book by George Orwell. It's a landmark by itself - and you can see it right out of your room! Read more here.

In addition, the famous Arbat is some 5 minutes away by feet.

That is a place you have got to visit - one of Moscow's most colorful sights! Just be sure not to leave the wallet at home - you'll need it to buy the beautiful Russian souvenirs.

Golden Ring hotel in Moscow. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

Golden Ring hotel.

OK, so what can "Golden Ring" offer us?

The Standard and Deluxe rooms are lovely, with king-size beds, satellite TV,and a writing table. They are comfortable, they are quite broad, and there's no reason why they can't be your number one pick.

The decor is great, with nice, warm colors - you immediately feel at home. Good furnishing is provided, of course, together with television, Internet access, personal safe and air conditioning. Plus, a hair dryer and complimentary mineral water are included - all these little things that count in Moscow 5 star hotels.

Need more space? Order a Junior suite, with plenty of space to go around. Work, rest - even exercise if you wish (although it's better to do that in the fitness center.

There are even special Wedding and Ladies suites available - now that's something you don't see in all Moscow 5 star hotels!

Want more? Golden Ring also offers

  • Apartment
  • Corporate Suite
  • Business Suite
  • Golden Executive Suite...

...and even the astonishing Presidential suite, with two bedrooms, a dining table, and two bathrooms with jacuzzi! Now that's what I call comfort!

Another good thing about the hotel is that it's located right near Sadovoye Kolco. This road circles the Moscow center - and you'll save a lot of precious time by skipping most of center-bound traffic. Never miss another meeting and get a competitive advantage!

And the feedback...well, the only thing our guests said was "can we stay there next time as well?" Check for yourself - you'll see positive feedback on nearly every travel forum!

Out of all Moscow 5 star hotels, Golden Ring is my top pick. Care to book?

Second place goes to Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow. Ahh, what a beauty! A proud member of Moscow 5 star hotels family!

This magnificent hotel is located next to the Red Square - no more spending time in jams just to see Moscow. From now on, all the landmarks are literally right outside!

You'll get easily to most of the tourist "hot spots" - Bolshoi theatre, Malyi Theatre, Gum, Tsum and of course-The Kremlin!

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Simply speaking, you'll have the center of Moscow right on the platter if you stay at Ararat - and that's not to mention the gorgeous, luxurious interior!

The rooms are stunning. The smallest one, "Park King", is already 35 square meters in size, with great design and expensive furniture - plus there's a marble bathroom, a king-size bed and a large desk in case you need to go through your papers.

Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow

The beautiful, beautiful Ararat Park Hyatt!

Every next room type is bigger and richier than its predecessor - apart from "Park King","Park Twin" and "Park Deluxe" rooms, you also have the astonishing

  • Wintergarten
  • Ambassador
  • Diplomat
  • ...and Presidential

suites. I think I don't have to explain how sumptuous they are - let's just say that each one of them is more than 100 square meters in size, has several bathrooms and features an excellent design.

To sum it up - "Ararat Park Hyatt" is a modern,luxurious hotel that stands up to the highest standards and will offer you some of the best living conditions you can get in Moscow 5 star hotels.

"Hotel National" delivers the style, the luxury and more than 100 years of tradition, unrivaled by other Moscow 5 star hotels!

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It was built in 1903 to right away become one of the industry leaders of that time, and in 1990's the hotel underwent a complete renovation.

Rooms were redecorated, modern equipment was installed - and since 1995, the hotel is once again playing a major role on Moscow tourism market, with fitness center, casino and a beauty parlor.

Going on a date? There's even a florist shop in "National"'s lobby - you can order any bouquet you like, your imagination is the only limit!

Moscow 5 star hotels. Hotel National.

The hotel looks exactly like when it was first built!

By the way, even if you don't plan to book the room there, it's a good idea to visit "National" once you're in Moscow. After all, the building is a landmark by itself, and you can be sure everything was kept in place during the restoration!

It means that today, you'll still be looking at "National" as it was built back in 1903 - and feel and breathe the history of Moscow.

A wonderful feeling, I might add!

Marriott Moscow Grand Hotel is another luxurious representative of Moscow 5 star hotels with sumptuous yet elegant design.

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The hotel's modern interiors bear the touch of nobility. Makes you feel you're staying in Moscow during the times of Tzar - although Mariott's main focus is on modern business travellers.

Indeed, if you're in Moscow for business - you'll get everything you need, including well-equipped business hall with 7 conference rooms. No need to go around the city looking for a place to meet with your partners!

After you've had busy day, you can relax in the indoor recreation center, with a sauna, a spa, a gym and a swimming pool. Even solarium is included, in case you want some sun tan!

Marriott Grand Hotel in Moscow. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

Marriott Grand Hotel on Tverskaya street.

Got hungry? There are several restaurants right inside, each one bearing a uniquely Russian name

For example, The Grand Alexander Restaurant is named after Alexander Pushkin, a famous, brilliant Russian poet that has long ago became the symbol of our country.

"Samobranka", restaurant adopts its name from Russian fairy-tales. It was the name of the magic table cloth that would summon its owner the best meals there were - and judging by the dishes "Samobranka" serves, the name was picked just right!

The hotel itself is located on Tverskaya st. - one of Moscow's major traffic routes. Very convenient if you need to go around a lot - after all, time is money!

Looking for even more splendor? Then Ritz Carlton Moscow is definitely for you!

The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel.

This beautiful Moscow hotel has been built just a couple of years ago, with all the modern technologies you could possibly imagine.

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It's new, it's luxurious and it sits on the edge of the Red Square - what more is there to ask?

Beautiful rooms, excellent set of facilities, polite and well trained staff, fantastic design (check out the spa!), and above all this - the magnificient, ancient Moscow Kremlin right in front of your window. You won't find other Moscow 5 star hotels with such a unique location for sure!

Now is it "5 star" or what?

Metropol hotel Moscow strikes a good balance between luxury and affordability. Now that's something not all of Moscow 5 star hotels offer!

On the one hand, you can have Deluxe,Business and Presidential suites. They are decorated individually and have antique furniture, vases, sofas, candelabra - you name it. Some rooms are even equipped with a sauna!

If you want to live like in a comfortable and "historic" environment (Metropol was built in 1903) - that hotel is absolutely for you.

Moscow 5 star hotels. Metropol.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Metropol!

On the other hand, "Metropol" offers inexpensive standard rooms, with nice,individual design. They have king beds, wooden floor, antique desk lamps, and one of them is equipped with a massage shower.

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Even if your budget is low, you can still get there, have an excellent service, and tell your friends you stayed in Metropol!

The hotel is located very close to the city center - on "Teatralnyi Proezd" . I can say that The Kremlin is going to be so close you'll hear the President yelling at his staff!

I'm kidding, of course, but seriously - it couldn't get any closer than that - the next stop is the Red Square, and that's not a very good place to spend a night, especially during the cold Moscow winter!

-=update=- Turns out it *can* get closer to the Red Square. Check out Ritz Carlton.

The last, but not least in our list of Moscow 5 star hotels, is "Sheraton Palace Hotel".

This 5 star hotel is located on "1-st Tverskaya Yamskaya st.". Not as close to the Kremlin as "Metropol", but close enough to get to the center in 15 minutes provided there's no heavy traffic!

Sheraton Palace Hotel in Moscow. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

Sheraton Palace.

The hotel offers 4 restaurants and cafes, a gift shop (in case you've forgotten to buy Russian souvenirs for your family), and an underground parking, which is extremely useful in a city like Moscow. No more driving around the hotel, trying to squeeze your car on the sidewalk!

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The rooms cost on average 15,000 to 25,000 RUB per night. Nice beds, air conditioning, satellite TV - everything is "by the book".

The standard rooms are a tad small (around 20 sq.m.), but you can always order yourself a double room or a junior suite - and that's not to mention the more expensive options, like exclusive "Bi-Level Suite" that you won't find in other Moscow 5 star hotels!

Several restaurants are available, my favorite one is "Lomonosov". Don't get me wrong, others are good as well - it's just a matter of taste.

"Sheraton" also offers a gym, a sauna, a whirlpool, and massage rooms. Everything the body needs - you'll wake up the next morning completely renewed!

Don't be afraid to choose. Everyone of these Moscow 5 star hotels is good in its own unique way - it's impossible to make a mistake here!

...after all, you won't be coming just once, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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