McDonalds Restaurant Menu and Information

Moscow's McDonalds restaurant menu is one of the tastiest in the world! I've been to many countries, and only Israel comes close. The rest are left far behind!

Same goes for the service. In one country I had to wait 20(!) minutes for a hamburger!

And I was not waiting in the line, no sir! I spent this time AFTER I made an order. It was unbelievable, and I almost missed an important meeting!

Now, what kind of fast-food is that??

Here in Moscow, you may have to wait in line, but after that you get your meal in a sec!

Don't be scared of the crowds - the queues move fast. People over the counter do their best to speed things up, so the waiting shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes.

I guess life in the big city does make people quicker, and that's probably why Moscow's McDonalds is the fastest one around!

Moscow Mcdonalds.

A typical Moscow McDonalds
(by basykes)

What's cooking, Doc?

Hungry enough? Very well, it means you're ready to choose! Just look at McDonalds restaurant menu below - and suit yourself! Don't pick too long, though - whatever your choice is, it's gonna be delllllicious! Plus, you can always come back and try something else - the prices are more than reasonable!


So, what's gonna be first? The big bad burger - or perhaps something more delicate? I say - don't rush and take an appetizer. The burger isn't gonna get anywhere, you know!

First of all, McDonalds restaurant menu has great salads to start with. Choose between vegetables and Caesar - both are tasty, both are nutritious - and both will supply your body with good deal of vitamins. If you're worried about having a balanced meal - worry no more!

Second, if you're really-really hungry - how about ordering some fried chicken wings with barbeque sauce? Of course, one doesn't have to come at expense of another, so you could, for example, eat salad, then wings - and then decide what'll be next.


Big Mac

Hmm, what shall we start with? The options are plenty - and the choice is so hard! I guess Big Mac should be first. This veteran of Russian McDonalds restaurant menu has been around for as long as I can remember. Twin chopped 100% beef steaks, delicious sesame bun, onion, salad, marinated cucumbers, Cheddar cheese - and of course, special Big Mac sauce! Good price, plenty of calories - enough to keep you going for a day. Gentlemen - you know what to do!

Royal DeLuxe

Big Mac's main competitor, Royal DeLuxe grants you with one big chopped beef stake, salad, tomatoes, cheese, mustard - and a wonderful taste. It's slightly bigger and "badder" than Big Mac - but I'd say the difference is more "cosmetic".

Royal Cheeseburger

Fan of cheese? Then Royal Cheeseburger is right for you! More Cheddar cheese than in any other hamburger - plus a lot of ketchup. Care to taste? I'd bet you do - this burger will leave you begging for more!

Double Cheeseburger

Imagine Royal Cheeseburger and multiply it by two! That's right, two steaks - and twice as much taste for your money! The rest is pretty much the same as in Royal Cheeseburger - only without sesame. But who said it's bad?


Staying in shape, eh? Well, then, McChicken is right for you! Chicken burger with salad and McChicken sauce - and of course, the sesame bun!


Battered fish filet patty on a steamed bun, with half a piece of Cheddar cheese and Tar-Tar sauce. Designed for hardcore diet fans - and yet tastes fantastic!

Chicken McNuggets

Pieces of delicate chicken filet, battered and well-fried. Served in portions of 4, 6, 9 and 20,together with a choice of dipping sauces, namely Mustard, Sweet Chili, BBQ and Sweet and Sour. McNuggets are sort of dietary - but it doesn't work for me, since I could eat a ton of those easily! No, no, get this McDonalds restaurant menu away from me!!!

Cheeseburger, Hamburger and Chickenburger

Those are just cheaper and smaller versions of burgers we've covered before. Nothing much to say - even the names speak for themselves...

Chicken Mythic

Straight from US, this juicy chicken meat patty in a crusty batter is served in a big, bad, original bun with sesame, fresh salad - and a spicy sauce!

Big Tasty

Ahh, "my favorite sin" - the king of McDonalds restaurant menu! This burger has been my blessing and curse for way too long. It's huge, it's juicy - and it's fantastic!

My top choice by far - I just don't see any reason to spend my time and money on anything else. Just listen to this - 3(!) pieces of Emmental cheese, huge sesame bun, two pieces of tomatoes, fresh salad, onion and Grill sauce - enough to make anyone happy! Oh, and did I forget huge beef patty?


What meal can do without famous McDonalds fries? I'd say - none! McDonalds fries are truly universal - they don't change from town to town and from country to country. If there's McDonalds on Mars - rest assured the fries would be just the same!

In addition to usual French fries, Russian McDonalds restaurant menu brings you the special "village" potatoes. They are bigger, healthier - and have a unique flavor. If the fries are something you've had enough of - try this beauties - and you'll surely love them!

Cold drinks

Russian McDonalds restaurant menu cold drinks seem to be the same as everywhere - but with a couple of good additions. "Coca-Cola" - usual and light, "Sprite", "Fanta" - seems so standard, right?

Well, if you're into a "healthy living" - why don't you order "BonAqua" mineral water? Comes in sparkling and regular version, clear as crystal - and very healthy. Give your body a break - it'll have enough stress even without Coke!

Water seems too boring? How about ordering "Lipton" ice tea? Comes in lemon and green tea flavors, dietary, delicious - what else is there to ask? If there's hot outside - don't look at McDonalds restaurant menu for too long. Order "Lipton" ice tea - no better way to get refreshed!

How about juices? You could either buy standard orange one - or pamper yourself with "Tropikana" juices that come in all kinds of flavors. To be honest, I don't recall other McD's serving you with such choice of juices - and I've been to plenty of places. Moscow McDonalds restaurant menu is the best - didn't you know? 😉

Hot drinks

Need to get warm? Noooo problem! Moscow McDonalds has everything you could possibly need!

First of all, you can order a cup of great, hot tea. Choose black or green, add some sugar (but it's tastier without one) - and here you go. Feel the increase in energy? Great, off you go to see more of Moscow sights!

Fan of coffee? Well, there's more you could drink in a lifetime! Apart from usual Espresso, there's Double Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino - and marvelous Cafe Glaze, served with ice-cream on top.

Note that many McDonalds restaurants have separate McCoffee sectors. The usual burger stands don't normally serve you with all the kinds of coffee I listed above. If you want to enjoy them - you'll have to get to McCoffee separately, but that's no problem since it's always in the same place as the restaurant.


Alright, you ate, you drank - now what? You can't just go - not before you taste some of Moscow's McDonalds wonderful deserts!

First, you can order hot pie with strawberry or cherry filling. Goes great with the tea - and best eaten warm, so if you plan to eat for a long time - better order it separately when you finish. In addition, you can have delicious muffins that are great with almost any hot and cold drink.

Care for ice cream? Plenty of options as well. There's a regular sundae, served in a cup with chocolate, strawberry and caramel toppings. Want more? Order McFlurry! Also served in DeLuxe portion, this ice cream will blow you away with it's wonderful, crusty fillings - and huge portions.

And finally - you can have a very tasty and nourishing milk shake, with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry syrup. McDonalds restaurant menu was made to make sure you won't stay hungry - so use it to the fullest!

So, what shall we choose?

As I mentioned, my personal favorite is the "Big tasty" burger. Sounds the same in Russian, so you won't have problems naming it to the cashier.

Boy, this is probably the biggest sandwich I've ever eaten! Not very healthy, but hey - we live only once, right? After all, you don't have to eat it EVERY day!

Ahh, there's nothing like coming to McDonalds after you've had a busy day! You approach the doors, hungry as hell, knowing you're gonna have a little feast tonight.

You're standing in line, waiting for your turn - and here you are, looking at the tastiest hamburger you've ever seen!


McDonalds Moscow Cheeseburger

Moscow cheeseburger
(by thisisbossi)

When you're done, you can buy "Actimel" yoghurt to "polish" your meal. I've never needed one in McDonalds, but it's tasty and will make things easier for your stomach - a good addition to main McDonalds restaurant menu course!

We've covered the basics, but keep in mind - there are lots of other things you can taste like many themed dishes during "national weeks".

Get ready to be surprised!

And the smell, umm.... I'm pretty sure they make it on purpose! You know there's McD in the area while you're still far from it - and that can't be just a coincidence! But who cares? Can't say about you - but I wouldn't pass it anyway!

As they say in that ad - "I'm loving it, pa da pa pa paaaa...."

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