Map of Moscow Russia

Got lost? This great map of Moscow Russia will help you out! It's totally interactive, detailed, and best of all - it's completely in English!

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I'd definitely use it myself. The only thing it lacks is an up-to-date Metro locations. Also, for some reason, the names of the stations are in Russian.

Don't worry, that's nothing we couldn't solve. This page has several Moscow metro maps, including an interactive one!

You can even download a PDF version of Moscow metro map, and use it offline!

Here's another Moscow map provided by Yahoo. If you didn't like the first one - that's my last chance to prove worthy!

This map is special in a way. As you see, it marks the most popular places with tags, just like in blogs. I think it's a good idea - you immediately know where to begin.

Our city may be large - but nothing a good map couldn't solve! Good luck with your Moscow quests - and check my pages from time to time.

They might just come in handy!

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