Hostel in Moscow

When you're anxious to visit Moscow and yet tight on funds, hostel in Moscow can be the solution you're looking for!

There were times when Moscow hostels were almost non-existent. The city's hotel industry was booming, alas - together with the prices!

These days, not everyone can afford to book even the cheapest Moscow hotels, and that's where Moscow hostels kick in!

If you think hostels can't be good just because they are cheap - think again.

Maybe several years ago, when the industry was just beginning to develop, the quiality didn't meet the required standards, but these days it's completely different.

Hostel in Moscow typical room

A typical hostel in Moscow - clean, furnished and tidy
(taken from official site)

Today, living in a hostel isn't about being stuck in a small, crowded room with two-floor beds and shared bathroom somewhere on the outskirts of Moscow. In fact, most of the hostels offer you the level of comfort that nearly matches some hotels!

In addition, some of the hostels are located right in the Moscow center, like Underground hostel that sits right on Arbat!

Sure, it'll cost you slightly more, but nothing you couldn't afford - not even near the scary prices that Moscow 5 star hotels charge!

Want more options? Check out this neat Tsvetnoy Boulevard Apartment. Hard to find anything close to the Moscow downtown - and yet the price is more than reasonable!

Girls in hostel in Moscow

Who knows, they made just be staying next door ๐Ÿ˜‰
(taken from official site)

If you'd rather travel by metro several stations a day and pay less - my friend, there's sea of opportunities! Once you start to look something closer to the Moscow's city limits, you'll notice the prices drop (although not as sharply as they could!)

Interested? Check out Happy Home Hostel! Its cheaper than some of its central competitors, and yet the Moscows city center is still within your reach!

Just get inside the nearby "Lyublino" subway station, travel some 30 minutes - and the Red Square is right before you. I think it's a pretty good deal!

Most of the hostels sit in the downtown Moscow, though. Arbat, Tverskaya, Red Square - you name it. They arent free of course, but try to check how much the hotels in this area charge - and you'll feel the difference right away!

And in conclusion - that site that I'm referring you to - it's quite neat! Check out the searchbox below, and I'm sure you'll find a good, inexpensive hostel in Moscow and anywhere else in Russia!

The booking process is very simple, long gone are the days when you had to call up the hostel yourself to arrange your stay!

These days, Moscow hostels have gone online. Prices, descriptions, ratings, maps and booking options - it's all in one page. Just make a couple of clicks - and you're set to go!

Bon voyage! ๐Ÿ˜‰