European Mall in Moscow

Looking for a place to shop, eat or just spend time? European Mall in Moscow is all you need! This place is so huge it'll take you hours to walk around - but those will be hours well spent!

European Mall in Moscow, or "Evropeisky", is located just next to "Kievskaya" metro station - you don't even have to go out or cross the street! Just take the turn right from the metro passage - and there you are. Easy, huh?

It's the biggest, broadest and "baddest" shopping mall I've ever seen. The cathedral of consumerism, eight floors of raw shopping. Adam Smith would be happy, Gordon Gecko would applause, and I'm...well...I'm just proud for my city :)

There were times I hated that area. It was dirty, crowded, had lots of cars going in all directions, plus that enormous construction going on right next to the rail terminal. Going there was a real pain, and I tried to avoid it at all costs.

European Mall in Moscow bridge.

Entrance to Kievskiy bridge that leads straight to "Evropeisky"

I heard they were building a large mall, but I didn't care. One more, one less - who counts'em these days! Why bother everyone building it right next to the metro? Couldn't they move it somewhere else??

A year or so has passed, and one day I had to take a train from "Kievskiy" terminal. "Gosh", I said to myself, "not again!"

Immersed in my thoughts, I took the usual route right to the surface, when suddenly I felt that something was wrong. Where were all the cars, people and dirt?

European Mall in Moscow clock.

Here, the time is always European!

I was looking at neat square, with parking lots, cross walks and traffic lights. Tidy and clean, it was nothing like the nightmare I was used to!

And then I saw it...

They don't call it "Evropeisky" for nothing. European Mall in Moscow looks exactly like its counterparts in London, Paris or Rome - but it's bigger than most of them.

European Mall in Moscow travelators.

The travelators are a work of art!

I think it's the largest shopping mall within Moscow city's limits - and it surely beats many those beyond Moscow beltway!

Its interior won't disappoint you either. Eight floors of shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, more shops, and some more shops on top of that. You can easily spend there your entire day - and I'm totally serious!

If you aren't sure what to do on weekend (I doubt you can have this problem in Moscow, but who knows!) - "Evropeisky" should be the first thing to consider.

European Mall in Moscow shops.

A heaven for shopoholic and the ultimate place for recreation!

Coming with wife and kids? Get ready to spend! There's no way they could pass by all of the shopping temptations!

Need supplies? "Perekrestok" is at your service 24/7! It sits on zero floor - and occupies quite a territory! Everything you need will be right there. If you haven't found it - just look again!

Need entertainment? You have "Formula Kino" cinema (although the movies are dubbed in Russian), "Igromax" areas with games for kids, and even full-scale skating rink!

European Mall in Moscow cinema lifts and fountains.

Marvelous fountains and gorgeous lifts.

Got hungry? Zillions of restaurants, like "TGI Friday's, "Il Patio", "Shokoladnica" and "Goodman Steak House" (the name speaks for itself!)

You'll also find sweets stalls, manicure booths, currency exchange, ATMs, electronics, flowers, furniture, gifts, apparel, kitchenware, jewelry, and more, much more!

The list can go on forever...

Take my word for it - European Mall is well worth your time. Spend a day there - and you'll see the face of new Moscow!

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