Download Free Moscow Brochure

Looking for even more information about Moscow? Wow, I see you like to dig deeper as they say

My friend, today is your lucky day, as I'm releasing this free Moscow brochure in PDF format. I tried to squeeze in there all the tips and tricks about Moscow that you won't even find on my site, so it's worth checking out.

If you want to download the brochure, then right-click on the link and choose "save as" from the menu. Otherwise, the file will open in your browser.

Alternatively, you can read the brochure right from my site in case you don't want to mess with PDFs.

Come on, give it a try! What's good about it is the fact that you can put it on your laptop or PDA and read while on flight to Russia, because we all know that Internet connection up there isn't very good.

Hope you find it useful. I've worked on it quite a lot, so you'd better love it!