Discount Moscow Hotels

Planning to visit Moscow, and looking for discount Moscow hotels? A very wise thing to do! Moscow hotels got really expensive recently - lots of tourists plus lack of place equals high rates, no rocket science here.

Fortunately, it's only true to some extent. While many Moscow hotels are indeed costly, there are quite a few good exceptions from this sad rule - and I'll do my best to help you out with them

During my work, I've stumbled upon several discount Moscow hotels that are good enough to host a business executive and yet cheap enough not to make the company's accountants lose their minds.

To sum it up - you CAN find good discount Moscow hotels - no need to go after luxurious suites if you're tight on funds. You can also click here to find a comparison of hotel prices which will make your search easier.

Just scroll down and see my list - I'm sure it'll be very useful!

First and foremost, check out this cheap hotel in Moscow called "Soyuz".

This nice,little, cozy hotel is located some 15 minutes by car from "Vodnyi Stadion" metro station, with "Sheremetyevo" airport in vicinity, and cares pretty well for all your travel needs for only a fraction of the price.

Click here to book "Soyuz" hotel!

"Soyuz" completely disproves the idea that good things are always expensive. Sure, it's not as pompous as central hotels, and it doesn't sit in the city center - but so what?

It has everything you need - a nice hall with plasma TV and a bar, inexpensive accommodation options, well trained staff - there's even a little garden outside!

The prices are attractive, double room can cost you less than 4000 rubles per night (breakfast NOT included). That's around 170 U.S. dollars, or 110 euro, which is really cheap for expensive city like Moscow.

I'm pretty sure you won't find a better price-to-quality ratio anywhere in Moscow discount hotels, so if you ask me - give "Soyuz" a try!

"Soyuz" hotel - great, cheap hotel in Moscow

Another one of discount Moscow hotels is located closer to the Moscow center. The name is "Volga hotel", and it sits right near "Sukharevskaya" metro station.

The cheapest junior suite costs you 6800 rubles per night(280 USD or 185 EUR). Breakfast is included - and I must say it's pretty good. Plus, there's a kitchen in almost every room, so if you're a fan of homemade cooking - be my guest!

Click here to book "Volga" hotel!

The rooms are nice and spacious, most have a little balcony in case you want to smoke or just breathe some Moscow air. It's a great stress reliever by the way - if your day wasn't that calm, nothing beats some cool air and a hot shower (just don't mix up the order!)

I have arranged our foreign guests stay at this hotel and been there myself. The feedback was OK, and I personally haven't seen any problems.

Sometimes we had minor complaints, but nothing serious. Plus, "Volga" hotel has one great benefit that will cancel any small problems you may encounter:


Volga Hotel Moscow

Feels like home, isn't it?

Let's just say that if you stay in "Volga",you'll be able to get to the Red Square in 10 minutes (even if it takes you another 10 minutes to get to subway)!

Pretty close, huh? No need to be stuck in the traffic - even the rush hour is no threat to you. After all, you only need to go a couple of stations!

In addition, there are plenty of banks and cafes around. You'll never get bored - and never run out of cash. You won't even need it that much - in Moscow, credit cards are accepted almost everywhere!

The Internet is available (including wireless), so don't be afraid of lonely evenings (although it's hard to have one in Moscow!)

And of course, all the standard features like deposit box are included - click here to book!

Cosmos Hotel Moscow is yet another cheap, conveniently located hotel.

I would say it is one of the largest discount Moscow hotels there is - some sources claim it's the biggest one in Europe. Frankly, I find it very credible - the building is h-u-g-e!

Click here to book "Cosmos" hotel!

But size is not the only good thing about it. Apart from plenty of bars and restaurants, a concert hall and a casino, Cosmos Hotel sits right next to some of Moscow's most famous sights - Ostankino
and All-Russia exhibition center (VDNH), both are just 15-20 minutes away by feet.

Cosmos Hotel is also overlooking Mira Avenue ("Prospect Mira"),one of Moscow's major traffic arteries. It means you can easily get in and out by car - whether you're travelling to the center or to the Moscow region.

It also means you will be able to get everywhere relatively fast. I say "relatively" because,unfortunately, traffic jams are a pain in Moscow, just as in any big city.

Cosmos hotel in Moscow

The magnificent "Cosmos" hotel

The metro "VDNKh" is about 10 minutes away by feet. Want to see for yourself? Youre more than welcome!

Art Hotel is another proud member of discount Moscow hotels family,located near Sokol metro station to the north.

Quite a few of our clients stayed there, and have always given a positive feedback, which is not wonder since the hotel is owned by German entrepreneurs. Can you imagine Germans giving bad service? I can't!

Art-Hotel in Moscow. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

Art Hotel - peaceful and quiet.

It even has a sauna!..

...and a park!..

..and many other great things you absolutely need when you're on a business trip!

Click here to book "Art Hotel" Moscow!

"Art Hotel" is quite close to the center, but still not too far from Sheremetyevo airport - I'd say it's location is close to ideal. You won't face a long ride from the airport - and yet you'll be able to get to nearly all the city's spots very fast.

The hotel is a bit more expensive, but it's still affordable. It will cost you around 8800 rubles per night on weekdays. During the weekends, it costs around 7000 rubles per night, that is around 360 USD / 240 EUR per weekday, and 290 USD / 192 EUR per day for weekend - but the quality is well worth the money!

Going on with our review of discount Moscow hotels. Budapest Hotel in Moscow gives you a unique chance to stay right next to the Red Square for just a fraction of the price!

Entrance to Budapest hotel in Moscow. By Moscow Russia Insider's Guide.

Entrance to Budapest hotel.

Click here to book "Budapest" hotel!

Sounds unreasonable, I know - couldn't believe it myself since it's hard to grasp there can be a cheap and nice three star hotel just as close to the Kremlin walls as its 5 star competition.

But guess what, it's real, it's true and it's a great deal if you aren't willing to walk any more than 10 minutes a day but still wish to see all of Moscow sights.

Think its a win-win proposal? Then why dont you book?

If all the discount Moscow hotels above didn't fit you for some reason, or if you prefer to feel "at home" during your trip, you may consider renting a Moscow apartment.

Renting an apartment in Moscow is cheaper than staying in most of Moscow hotels, plus it will enrich yourself with unique insider experience. Imagine living side by side with common Moscow folks, shopping with them and perhaps having a little chat once in a while.

The prices are reasonable (around USD 250) while the flats are well decorated,furnished and usually located in the city center.

Like the idea? There is one agency in Moscow that I can recommend. Follow this link for more information

That's about it for now. I will be updating this list as soon as I find out about more of discount Moscow hotels, so hang around and stay tuned!

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