Car Hire in Moscow

Car hire in Moscow is a great answer to your transport problems. Instead of riding a train or paying too much for a cab to Moscow, you can be driving a nice, comfortable vehicle within just several minutes!

These days it's no problem. Avis, Budget, Hertz and many local companies will be happy to offer you their services, so the only problem you'll face is be the problem of choice!

The prices have seriously dropped over the years. I remember the times when Moscow car rental was an exotic thing - tough to find and VERY challenging to afford.

Everything in this business was "VIP" - the prices, the car models and the "custom-fit" service that only wealthy businessmen could pay for.

Then, a silent revolution happened right in front of my eyes, as new companies entered the market and introduced inexpensive cars, affordable tariffs and general orientation on common folks rather than members of "Forbes-100".

Today, you can easily rent a car right in the airport, which was not common just a several years before. Both in "Sheremetyevo" and "Domodedovo" you'll be greeted by a friendly girl behind a car hire counter - and from there, the Moscow is yours!

For example, in Sheremetyevo airport you can rent a car from Hertz. The company's office is located in the arrivals hall of Terminal F, but it's better if you contacted them through their website or by phone. Keep in mind that you must be at least 25 years of age, have at least 1 year driving experience, carry with you a passport and a driver license and of course a credit card. If you have all of these then renting a car in Sheremetyevo is very easy.

Domodedovo airport also offers you plenty of car hire options - you can choose from Hertz, Sixt and Europcar. You will also have to provide all the "necessary documents". Not sure what that means, but I guess pretty much the same as in Sheremetyevo. In any case, I recommend to get in touch with those companies in advance and find out all the details.

However, booking a car "on the spot" is not always convenient. The model of car that you wanted may be missing, the prices can be higher than you expected, and all other sorts of unforeseen stuff can happen that can seriously mess with your plans.

Why risk? Today, the car hire in Moscow is available right from your home country. Within just several clicks you can book yourself exactly the vehicle that you wanted - for the price you expected, provided by the leading worldwide car rental agencies!

Now you don't have to worry about car hire in Moscow. Once you place an order through the booking system, you may rest assured that by the time you land, your car will be waiting for you right in the airport!

Car hire in Moscow - Infiniti RX at Moscow Car show.

Care to book this thing??
(by ppz)

Plus, you won't be charged any hidden "extra fees", as you pay the agency directly from your credit card, and that's pretty much the end of story provided you don't drive the car down from a cliff (although Moscow doesn't have cliffs). Just get to the counter, sign some papers - and you're done!

Alright, so what are our options? First of all, I must say that "Sheremetyevo" airport is somehow more "open" to the world, which honestly was a surprise for me, since it was upgraded only recently.

Anyways, there's a whole bunch of
international car rental agencies that can serve you there, including "Avis", "Thrifty" and "Dollar".

All of them are offering very good rates - and the best thing is that the website I found presents you with nice comparative table, showing you the prices charged by different companies.

For example, I could see straight away "Avis" isn't offering a very good car hire in Moscow price for the dates I've entered, as I would have to pay around $100 more for just over a week for the cheapest available vehicle type. Quite a lot, I would say!

As you see, you can be 100% sure you aren't overpaying a dime - and book the exact car you need. Needless to say, all of the car models are included, from inexpensive "Economy" class and up to the wealthy "Premium" - choose whatever you want based on the goals of your trip.

But what if you're arriving at Domodedovo airport? Well, you definitely rent a car there as well, but when it comes to ordering through the Internet - you'll see that only "Hertz" is available.

That's quite strange, because "Domodedovo" was the first modern Russian airport that introduced European - class services. Don't worry, though because I found a solution!

It's a search engine, British in nature, that can bring you all the possible car rental options when it comes to car hire in Moscow, with probably the biggest list of providers around!

Even if you dont arrive at DME, you should still check it out - the choice is really impressive. For example, on this website you can find car hire even in "Vnukovo" airport (served by "SIXT") - and that airport is definitely NOT the most open to world wide web!

I liked this search engine so much I'm willing to recommend it without even being an affiliate - it does one hell of a job with car hire in Moscow!

The only slightest disadvantage is that prices are shown in Euros and Pounds only - but it'll take only a fraction of time to convert the amount to whatever currency you are used to. In any case - you'll barely find a better choice of cars on other sites!

Enjoy this great service - and I'll be sure to bring you even better Moscow car rental options once I stumble upon them!

Update: Yippee, they made me their affiliate! It means I can give you even more Moscow car rental options, including this neat searchbox!