Beginner's Guide to Russian Cuisine

Beginner’s Guide to Russian Cuisine is an eBook I made together with my wife and my mother-in-law Svetlana, but let’s start from the beginning.

As you probably already know, my name is Anton and I am the owner of Moscow Russia Insider’s Guide. Over the years, I found out there was an interest in Russian cuisine pages. So, I decided to write a useful eBook that contains 20 of the most common Russian recipes.

But there was a problem – cooking Russian dishes is not something you've done before. Well, at least not probably. So, in order to really help you out we knew we had to provide you with the most detailed, precise and step by step instructions – and this was our focus during the entire project. null

Wait, wait, I know what you're going to ask – why should you pay for my eBook when there are dozens of free Russian cuisine recipes available on the Internet? Well, the main reason we invested so much energy and hard work into "Beginner's Guide to Russian Cuisine" is because we feel those recipes are not even a close match to the information we share in our book.

You see, 90% of them are either not detailed enough or simply dubious. While doing the initial research, me and my wife stumbled upon many cooking websites that offered some "Russian" recipes that had very little to do with our cuisine.

In addition, those that were credible very often lacked even the most basic details, let alone things like photos and explanation on ingredients. It may not be a big problem if you're a Russian cook, but I always asked myself "Would that help me if I wasn't Russian?"

The answer was "No, it wouldn't". But enough about those websites, let's talk about what we can do for you.

So, when you buy our eBook you'll get:

  •   Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to prepare each of the 20 dishes.
  •  Huge amounts of high-quality photos that illustrate every preparation stage.
  •  The real Russian recipes used by the real Russian families throughout the country.
  •  Brief history of each dish coupled with explanations on how and when they're usually served.
  •  Very thorough explanation on ingredients that non-Russians are unfamiliar with. Example – tvorog.
  •  ...and lots and lots of love and hard-work that we've put into our book.

For a mere $5.95, you'll get to know how to cook 20 excellent Russian dishes, and rest assured that some of those recipes you won't find anywhere else!

Just take a look at the contents, and I'm sure you'll realize you're making a good investment!

  • Salads and appetizers
    • Aspic
    • Olivier salad
    • “Vinegret” (Russian beet salad)
  • Soups
    • Borsch
    • Pea soup
    • Rassolnik
    • Shchi with fresh cabbage
    • Solyanka with meat
  • Main Dishes
    • Belyashi
    • Chebureki
    • Cutlets
    • Fish pie
    • Kurnik (Chicken pie)
    • Manty
    • Pelmeni
    • Clay pot roast potatoes with meat cooked in the oven (yep, it's a Russian dish too!)
  • Drinks and desserts
    • Kompot from dried fruits
    • Kvass (yum!)
    • Blini (Pancakes)...
    • ...and finally, syrniki


Basically, our eBook is your all-in-one cooking solution, the beginning of your way to the Russian cuisine.

We did not cover all of the Russian dishes here (that would be impossible), but we also didn't have such goal in mind. On the contrary, we wanted to give you a feel of the Russian cuisine without complicating things.

If you like this brochure then let us know, and we'll be glad to write more cooking eBooks in the future. We also welcome any comments you may have!

The price is only USD 5.95, and you'll get to download the PDF right after your credit card is processed.

You don't have to worry about your sensitive data because we Russians also use PayPal :)

...and of course, I offer a full 30-Day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.


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