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Moscow Russia... These words surely “ring the bell� no matter where you live. Vast, mysterious country somewhere on the outskirts of the globe... so distant, yet so attractive!

Let me guess. You are probably here because you're looking for relevant, valuable information about Moscow not to be found in tourist brochures, right?

You may be planning a trip, writing a research paper or even looking for more information about Moscow Russia because you've seen it in a cool movie. Whatever the case is - my insider’s guide is at your service! By the way, here's a testimonial to prove you that I mean business:

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Moscow Russia Red Square.

Greetings from Moscow veteran!

See that picture? Yup, that's me! My name is Anton, and it's really nice to meet you! What is that? You're asking what actual knowledge of Moscow Russia do I have?

Well, the thing is I've been living here for ages, so naturally I was able to gather some insider knowledge about how this city works. Plus, I learnt a lot during my career at different Russian companies that by very nature of their business had to invite their foreign partners and colleagues to Moscow.

One thing for certain - those people were not to be taken lightly, so I had to arrange everything in a very "seamless way". That includes (but not limited to) arrivals and departures,accomodation, transportation, restaurants and all kinds of entertainment.

Well, in short - none of them complained to my boss, so I guess that makes me quite an expert in the field :) So you see - if I could help them out - I'm quite sure we'll find a solution to each and any of your problems as well!

From Moscow hotels to Russian culture, from balalaika to Red Square, from weather forecast to getting a visa-you will find everything about these topics… right here!

Don't worry, take your time! My site is quite large, and I'm trying to constantly update it (although I don't always succeed!) Don't race through the pages - you may just miss something important! Instead, try to read them through in your own pace - and you'll surely come to Moscow Russia prepared!

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Wrongfully accused

OK, so where were we? Ahhh, the stereotypes! "My favorite sin", as Al Pacino used to put it!

Tell me, my friend, what do you think when you hear the word "Moscow"?A creepy place somewhere out there? Cold, snowy, with harsh, drunk, armed men?

Oh, come one, don't say "no"! It's enough to see one episode of "The Simpsons" to understand what you, capitalists, have been thinking about my Motherland all along!

Kiddin', of course, but in reality I can't quite recall any good movie or fiction book that has portrayed Moscow Russia accurately. Nope, none at all.

When it comes to Russia, mostly you'll see is snow, more snow, and some more snow on top of that. And of course, that snow often covers nuclear silos and soldiers that lose miserably to a terrorist taskforce that came to steal the warheads.

Moscow as you have never seen it!

Well, here's some “myth-busting� to make you think.

Did you know that in summer it can be very hot in Siberia and Russian Far East? In fact, as I am writing this article, it is hotter there than in Moscow!

That is because Russia is huge (du-h!), and it has more different weather patterns than probably any other country in the world!

Some places are darn cold, of course, while in others the asphalt is literally melting from summer's heat! Yes yes, I'm not exaggerating even the slightest bit - I saw it with my own eyes when I came to visit my relatives in Volgograd!

Of course, the asphalt was probably not of very high quality, but still, still.....

And so, let's say "goodbye" to all the clichés and give Moscow a fresh start!

OK, to make a long story short. You want to know something about Moscow Russia. I’ve been living in this city for many years. I know the place better than any guide, and I will be glad to show you around. Now isn't it a start of a wonderful relationship?

Use this guide as your personal encyclopedia! As I said, you will find truly interesting (and accurate) things and hopefully - have at least a little fun on the way!

Planning to visit Moscow Russia?

This guide will make sure you have a delightful, comfortable and thought-through journey, full of interesting discoveries.

So, as Don LaFontaine used to say in movie trailers - "are you ready for the action??"

You are? Well, then -